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El método showNotification() de la interfaz ServiceWorkerRegistration crea una notificación en un service worker activo.

Note: Este recurso está disponible en Web Workers.


​ServiceWorkerRegistration.showNotification(title, [options]).then(function(NotificationEvent) { ... });


Una Promise que resuelve a un NotificationEvent.


El título que debe mostrarse en la notificación
options Optional
Un objeto que permite configurar la notificación. Puede tener las siguientes propiedades:
  • actions: Un arreglo de acciones para mostrar en la notificación. Los elementos del arreglo deben ser un objeto literal. Puede contener los siguientes valores:
    • action: Un DOMString que identifica una acción del usuario a ser mostrada en la notificación.
    • title: Un DOMString que contiene el texto de la acción a mostrar al usuario.
    • icon: Un USVString que contiene la URL de un icono a mostrar junto a la acción.
    Una respuesta apropiadada se construye usando event.action con el evento notificationclick .
  • badge: The URL of an image to represent the notification when there is not enough space to display the notification itself such as, for example, the Android Notification Bar. On Android devices, the badge should accommodate devices up to 4x resolution, about 96 by 96 px, and the image will be automatically masked.
  • body: A string representing an extra content to display within the notification.
  • dir : The direction of the notification; it can be auto, ltr, or rtl
  • icon: The URL of an image to be used as an icon by the notification.
  • image: a USVSTring containing the URL of an image to be displayed in the notification.
  • lang: Specify the lang used within the notification. This string must be a valid BCP 47 language tag.
  • renotify: A boolean that indicates whether to supress vibrations and audible alerts when resusing a tag value. The default is false.
  • requireInteraction: Indicates that on devices with sufficiently large screens, a notification should remain active until the user clicks or dismisses it. If this value is absent or false, the desktop version of Chrome will auto-minimize notifications after approximately twenty seconds. The default value is false.
  • tag: An ID for a given notification that allows you to find, replace, or remove the notification using script if necessary.
  • vibrate: A vibration pattern to run with the display of the notification. A vibration pattern can be an array with as few as one member. The values are times in milliseconds where the even indices (0, 2, 4, etc.) indicate how long to vibrate and the odd indices indicate how long to pause. For example [300, 100, 400] would vibrate 300ms, pause 100ms, then vibrate 400ms.
  • data: Arbitrary data that you want associated with the notification. This can be of any data type.



function showNotification() {
  Notification.requestPermission(function(result) {
    if (result === 'granted') {
      navigator.serviceWorker.ready.then(function(registration) {
        registration.showNotification('Vibration Sample', {
          body: 'Buzz! Buzz!',
          icon: '../images/touch/chrome-touch-icon-192x192.png',
          vibrate: [200, 100, 200, 100, 200, 100, 200],
          tag: 'vibration-sample'

To invoke the above function at an appropriate time, you could use the ServiceWorkerGlobalScope.onnotificationclick event handler.

You can also retrieve details of the Notifications have have been fired from the current service worker using ServiceWorkerRegistration.getNotifications().


Specification Status Comment
Notifications API
La definición de 'showNotification()' en esta especificación.
Living Standard Initial definition.

Browser compatibility

FeatureChromeEdgeFirefoxInternet ExplorerOperaSafari
Soporte básico40



462 No27 No
actions45 ? No No32 No
badge53 ? No No39 No
data44 ? No No31 No
image56 ? No No43 No
renotify50 ? No No37 No
requireInteraction47 ? No No34 No
vibrate45 ? No No32 No
FeatureAndroid webviewChrome para AndroidEdge mobileFirefox para AndroidOpera AndroidiOS SafariSamsung Internet
Soporte básico4040 ?4627 No4.0
actions4545 ? No32 No5.0
badge5353 ? No39 No6.0
data4444 ? No31 No4.0
image5656 ? No43 No6.0
renotify5050 ? No37 No5.0
requireInteraction4747 ? No34 No5.0
vibrate4545 ? No32 No5.0

1. From version 16: this feature is behind the Enable service workers preference.

2. Service workers (and Push) have been disabled in the Firefox 45 and 52 Extended Support Releases (ESR).

We're converting our compatibility data into a machine-readable JSON format. This compatibility table still uses the old format, because we haven't yet converted the data it contains. Find out how you can help!

Feature Chrome Edge Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari (WebKit)
vibrate option 45 ? Sin soporte ? 32 ?
requireInteraction 47 ? Sin soporte ? ? ?
actions option 48 ? Sin soporte ? ? ?
renotify option 50 ? Sin soporte ? 37 ?
badge option 53 ? ? ? 39 ?
image option 56 ? ? ? ? ?
data option 44 ? Sin soporte Sin soporte ? Sin soporte
Feature Android Android Webview Firefox Mobile (Gecko) Firefox OS IE Mobile Opera Mobile Safari Mobile Chrome for Android
vibrate option Sin soporte Sin soporte Sin soporte Sin soporte ? 32 ? 45
requireInteraction Sin soporte Sin soporte Sin soporte Sin soporte ? ? ? 47
actions option Sin soporte Sin soporte Sin soporte Sin soporte ? ? ? 48
renotify option Sin soporte Sin soporte Sin soporte Sin soporte ? 37 ? 50
badge option Sin soporte Sin soporte ? ? ? 39 ? 53
image option Sin soporte Sin soporte ? ? ? ? ? 56
data option Sin soporte Sin soporte Sin soporte Sin soporte Sin soporte ? Sin soporte 44

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