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El metodo permissionState()  de la interface   PushManager retorna un Promise that resolves to a DOMString indicating the permission state of the push manager. Possible values are  'prompt', 'denied', or 'granted'.

Note: As of Firefox 44, the permissions for Notifications and Push have been merged. If permission is granted for notifications, push will also be enabled.


PushManager.permissionState(options).then(function(PushMessagingState) { ... });


opciones Optional
An object containing optional configuration parameters. It can have the following properties:
  • userVisibleOnly: A boolean indicating that the returned push subscription will only be used for messages whose effect is made visible to the user.


Un Promise que resuelve a un DOMString con un valor de  'prompt', 'denied', o 'granted'.


Especificación Estado Comentario
Push API
La definición de 'permissionState()' en esta especificación.
Working Draft Initial definition.

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