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La siguiente lista está basada en la búsqueda dev-doc-needed+RESOLVED en Bugzilla. En cualquier caso, esto se mantiene de manera manual y por tanto, puede no estar completamente al dia. Puedes ayudar añadiendo bugs que aparezcan en la búsqueda y no en la lísta, con tanta información como sea posible.

Si decides trabajar en uno de estos bugs, por favor, añade tu nombre a la celda Doc Owner de ese bug.

Si tienes preguntas sobre el esfuerzo de documentacion de algún bug en particular, puedes añadir un comentario al bug, o preguntar en #devmo en o la lista de correo .

Doc needed

La prioridad de la documentación va en una escala 1-5, donde 1 es "¡¡¡Oh Dios mio, urgente!!!" y 5 es "¡¡¡bah!!!."

Bug ID Title Doc Priority Doc Scope Doc Owner Notes
bug 435041 implement Cocoa NPAPI event model for Mac OS X 1 Large   Massive update to the plugin developer docs for Mac OS X. To support 64-bit plugins, plugin developers need to switch to this new event model.
bug 472529 (websocket) Support for Web sockets' HTML5 Draft Recommendation 1 Large   On hold pending spec changes. See bug 616733
bug 546590 (harmony:proxies) Implement Harmony Proxies [ES6?] 1 Hard  dbruant

Brendan Eich recently did a presentation on this ( See also

jorendorff to provide examples: "Proxies are just like __noSuchMethod__, times a million. * __noSuchMethod__ only goes to work after a method isn't found. Proxy hooks, instead, fire right away, completely replacing the normal method/property lookup."
bug 553413 (async-IndexedDB) Implement Asynchronous parts of the Indexed Database API 1   Janet IndexedDB is once again planned for Fx4. API docs need to be updated to match current spec. (This bug is a placeholder for all IndexedDB doc work.)
bug 579178 Don't enumerate components/*.manifest and chrome/*.manifest 1     See comments 30 and 31.
bug 587931 Add support for document.currentScript and script-started script-ended events 1     Docs have been written, but aren't quite useful. See comment 20.
bug 59314 Alerts should be content-modal, not window-modal 2   Sheppy Actively working, should be done soon (as of 2010-12-09)
bug 368835 No focus events from xul tree table when a row is deleted 2     Need better docs of tree-related events.
bug 398776 (doorhanger) want mechanism for site-specific notification 2     New API for creating doorhanger notifications. Needs sample code (based on tests?) and screenshots.
bug 407963 [FUEL] Factor out generic toolkit aspects of FUEL into a reusable form 2     FUEL is an abstraction layer between extensions and interfaces. Doc work may be done, or may be incomplete. Need to compare the state of the docs and the state of the code.
bug 460882 setTimeout loses XPCNativeWrappers 2 Small   Need to find all the places to mention it. Need to check whether the API change is already documented.
bug 511761 Only use compatibility.ini (not .autoreg, or stat()s) to invalidate fastloads and other caches 2 Unknown   See comments 43 and 54. Needs to be scoped. Pretty deep voodoo sounding stuff.
bug 517580 Make JS_HAS_GETTER_SETTER always 1, remove support for old-style getters and setters 2 Easy  

Waldo blogged about this:

Waldo says: could summarize as "various non-standard syntaxes for defining getters and setters have been removed; syntax defined by ES5 has not been touched". There aren't any newly-obsolete functions.
bug 520696 Implement support for |{ get "string literal"() { /* ... */ }, get 5.4() { /* ... */ }, 6.72: 3 }| 2 Probably easy   Looks scarier than it probably is. Need to update,_Variables,_and_Literals#Literals. Plus wherever we have reference docs that apply.
bug 536472 ES5: { get x(v) { } } and { set x(v, v2) { } } should be syntax errors 2 Easy   This sounds like it may be a simple matter of a note in the ES5 page that says that this syntax is checked correctly now. And make sure that any changes that might be needed are made to and the corresponding set page.
bug 537873 Assignment to readonly properties should throw a TypeError in strict mode 2 Trivial   Need to note that strict mode now throws a TypeError in strict mode instead of silently failing if you try to change readonly properties. As usual, need to double check to be sure that if the old behavior is specifically mentioned anywhere, we update it.
bug 542406 readonly="true" doesn't work on fields 2 Easy   Just need to fix docs that were put in the wrong place.
bug 543444 Replace single-view API with multiple observers 2 Moderate   The interface references are updated for this, but the sample code and how-to guide mentioned in comment 38 need updating. Might be able to extract info from tests. Follow up with Marco re example code.
bug 543910 [Windows] Improve Windows OS theme detection for 2 Easy   New media query that lets you detect which theme is being used on Windows (for theme authors).
bug 595937 Need support for customizing toolbars which are outside of the toolbox 2 Easy   An API to let you indicate which toolbox a toolbar should be associated with if it's not actually contained within the toolbox.
bug 599693 Allow developers to run mochitest-1 ... mochitest-5 by simply specifying those as a make target 2 Easy   An addition to the QA and build docs to say you can do make mochitest-X to run tests.
bug 264308 Implement DOM Level 3 UserData API 3     Old bug, needs someone to figure out how it works. The spec is not very helpful. Needs to be scoped. Might need its own doc bug.
bug 321169 XUL templates need better logging capability 3     Basically should amount to "how do you turn on and off logging of XUL templates". Add a link to for a "Debugging XUL templates" page.
bug 391829 Add support for container-live-role to object attributes 3 Easy   Add container-live-role to (is Ajax the correct topic here?)
bug 399537 XPIDL documentation needs to be migrated and overhauled 3     XPIDL is the language used when creating IDL files to define interfaces. Newcomers to the project need to know this.
bug 433616 [FIX]Need facility for managing documents referenced via local URI references 3 Large   Needs research (probably more research than writing). Need to identify everything that gains cross-server support because of this change and update the relevant docs.
bug 451729 Allow runtime's security callbacks to be overridden by a context 3     JS runtime docs changes. May have been started by jorendorff; unclear if it's finished.
bug 501925 Change cookie policy to relax the mailnews-specific APP_TYPE_MAIL requirement 3 Unknown   Thunderbird-specific. Needs scoping.
bug 507012 Need an efficient and convenient execution tracing API for profiling 3 Easy   This will make it much easier for extension developers to find and fix their performance problems. API change for the JS runtime that lets you profile JS routines using a callback that gets run on function enter and exit. Should also get mentioned on the "Improving your extension's performance" page we need to write.
bug 529404 Assignments to a property that has a getter but not a setter should only throw a TypeError in strict mode 3 Easy   Blogged at (per comment 11). Need to track down all the places where it needs to be mentioned, both in the JS reference and in the JS guide, as well as in "New in JavaScript 1.8.5" and the ECMAScript 5 docs.
bug 541373 Provide a global VACUUM component 3   Marco Bonardo [:mak] ? The reference docs are written for this, but we could use an example for how to use it added.(Need to follow up with Marco re additional doc he was going to do.)
bug 562446 ES5: array functions don't work on non-arrays 3     Update the JS reference pages on array functions (toString, toSource, toLocaleString), plus add notes to the ES5 page and possibly changes to the JS guide.
bug 568863 Performance measurement utility 3 Easy   This is partially documented already: Needs to be adapted into reference docs for the code module. (Should be easy based on existing info) Link to this from the TBD extension performance article.
bug 573588 Implement Desktop Notifications 3     This is a new API for letting content create notifications to the user (a la Growl on the Mac). Update navigator.mozNotification doc. Example code and screenshots for various platforms would be nice.
bug 427293 "Secure Connection Failed" makes it difficult to work in the web hosting industry 4 Small   At most, this is documenting a preference that most users won't touch. Start a list of "super secret use-at-your-own-risk" preferences?
bug 501490 Enable Taskbar Previews for Windows 7 4     Reference stuff is mostly written, might need updating. To do: Make sure interface docs are up to date, then try to get a sample working.
bug 514120 Style resolution shows up as a serious cost when wrapping DOM nodes that have no frames 4 Moderate   This is a simple note that needs to be made, but figuring out where to put it will take some research.
bug 521141 Start menu / programs shortcuts pinned to the taskbar don't group correctly 4 Probably easy   Good for someone familiar with the Windows installation process. This is about how to configure a Windows install for a Gecko app to properly let Windows know how to pin shortcuts.
bug 549641 Firefox raises alarm (in error console) about SSL servers being vulnerable to CVE-2009-3555 4 Trivial   All this is is adding a note to the docs that you can disable this warning using a preference.
bug 587734 Integrate lazy window console API into WebConsole code 4   Sheppy This is a placeholder for web console API docs. HUDService.jsm needs to be documented.
bug 595934 Some xpconnect and Chrome errors should be displayed in the web console 4     The core issue here is documented; this is currently a placeholder for needing a better reference to the categories somewhere. Probably should be migrated into a new bug.
bug 585709 Several pages related to Accessibility under MDN (MDC) has broken/outdated links or information 4 Easy  

Does not fit in dev-doc-needed+RESOLVED but probably useful to list here anyway.

A lot of the accessibility information mentioned in this bug is well out of date.
bug 323810 [FIXr]Move forcing into tabs and current windows out of Gecko> 5 Large   For docs, see comment 13 and comment 14. The patch is very large and will take a while to go through to make sure nothing's missed. Mostly of interest to embedders, who tend to read the source anyway.
bug 431503 Create infrastructure to test processing of key events with different keyboard layouts 5 Easy   Basically adds a single method to nsIDOMWindowUtils to let you programmatically inject keyboard events for testing. Only accessible from privileged code.
bug 480735 Startup timeline 5 Easy   Only seriously deep core devs and testers will use it. Adds new API for logging during app startup.
bug 507711 (callgraph) Produce mozilla-wide callgraph for static analyses 5     This is very important and useful to a very small number of people. We need to update our docs to provide information about where to get the callgraph generated by this project. There's initial documentation at that need to be gone over to be sure it's current.
bug 533592 Get rid of xpcnativewrappers=no 5 Easy   There are notes on the "XPCOM changes in Gecko 2" page on this. xpcnativewrappers=no is a really really old old old feature, it had been deprecated for years when it was removed. The migration guide is "You must learn XPCWrappedNatives". Need to purge all mention of xpcnativewrappers=no except the place that says it's gone.
bug 568728 Move nsAddonRepository.js to a JSM 5     Need to document the AddOnRepository JS code module. Double-check: This is core, rather than something typical devs will use.

Documento completado

Cuando hayas terminado el trabajo de documentación de un bug, al menos, cambia la palabra clave "dev-doc-needed" por "dev-doc-complete". Depués, por favor, elimina también la fila de la tabla superior. Si quieres celebrar el haber terminado el trabajo de documentación, puedes también pegar la fila en la tabla inferior, y cambiar el valor "Doc Scope" a la fecha en la que has terminado el trabajo (Pegando esto, se mantiene el mismo numero de columnas de manera facil).

Bug ID Title Doc Priority Date Doc Completed Doc Owner Notes
bug 617097 JavaScript toLocaleString has a nasty memory leak High 2010-12-10 Sheppy Document that the localeToUnicode callback shouldn't free the buffer it's given.
bug 512424 implement IAccessibleTable2   2010-12-13 Trevor Use Trevor's API doc add-on to create interface reference docs (doesn't need more than that).
bug 616733 disable and/or remove WebSockets for gecko 2.0 due to security problems High 2010-12-13 Sheppy Document that it's disabled by default, and how to turn it on (at own risk). Point to the spec until further notice. See also bug 472529
bug 614015 Add <browser>.messageManager property 1 2010-12-20 Sheppy New property.
bug 412819 Mechanism for changing an extension GUID via updates 1 2010-12-20 Sheppy

Used by Add-on developers. Basically changes the new Addon Manager API to let an extension being installed automatically uninstall an old one, so that an add-on that's changing its GUID can get rid of the old version automatically.

bug 574924 TM: implement remaining wrappers 1  2010-12-20  Sheppy See comment 19. Xray wrappers show up in the console, so need to document what they mean. E.g.: [object XrayWrapper [object blah]] means you won't be able to see expandos or document.forms.blah
bug 513162 [Windows] Drawing in the Title Bar for the New Firefox Theme 2 2010-12-23  Sheppy See comment 164; despite the huge bug ticket, the doc change is very minor.
bug 571970 Main browser chrome should be hidden when viewing in-content UI 5 2010-12-27  Sheppy

This is simply a single new attribute on XUL windows that says that chrome should be disabled. Used only in very limited cases. Only works in browser windows, not general windows.

bug 494345 Do not create accessibles for XUL label or description having a role of 'presentation' 4 2010-12-27  Sheppy Small API change. Should only take minutes.
bug 501423 StorageEvent implementation does not match the spec 1  2011-01-07  Sheppy Needs to be done for Fx4. Update StorageEvent docs to match implementation (and spec).


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