Marketplace screenshot criteria

This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

Cuando submitting an app to the Firefox Marketplace, you will be asked to provide one or more screenshots as part of the submission process. The Marketplace has some basic criteria for such screenshots which, while not strictly enforced, should serve as a guideline. Apps which provide no screenshots that meet the criteria in this document may be asked to submit new screenshots.

Screenshot Overview

  • Screenshots that you upload will appear on
    • Individual app pages
    • Featured app areas, when your app is promoted by an editor or curator
    • Various lists and feeds within the Marketplace
  • The Marketplace accepts between 1 and 6 screenshots for 3 different form factors:
    • Phone (portrait or landscape)
    • Tablet
    • Desktop (usually 1024x768 or larger)
  • For each form factor that your app supports, a minimum of 1 screenshot should be provided.

Quality Guidelines

  • Show your app in the best possible light: demonstrate its capabilities
  • Always remove the status bar, if possible
  • Screenshots from a device are preferred to screenshots from a simulator or emulator
  • Avoid placing the app inside the image of a device or a desktop
    • Doing this forces the app interface to scale down, making it more difficult to see
    • The device or desktop interfaces that you show may not match what a user has
  • Avoid "hands-on" photographs of phones, tablets, or monitors
  • Apps in the Marketplace will not be used inside a browser, so avoid showing browser chrome (toolbars, back/forward, address bar, etc.)
  • Use text minimally to explain the interface, not to advertise
  • Avoid graphic elements other than the app itself
  • Avoid borders or "filters"
  • Screenshots are displayed in the order that they're uploaded; put your best screenshots first

In general, you should show the app, not its surroundings.

Sizes and Formats

Screenshots are accepted in JPG and PNG format, though PNG-24 is preferred because of its lossless properties. If JPG is used, the screenshot should use minimal compression and use the highest quality settings.

Suggested Sizes

Form Factor Suggested Resolutions
Phone multiples of 320x480, 720x1280, inverse/landscape ratios
Tablet multiples of 1024x768, 1280x800
Desktop multiples of 1280x800, 1440x900


Do not include grahical elements other than the app itself, including ads or logos.

Do not submit "hands-on" photos, or edit the screenshot onto a physical device.

Do not submit screenshots that use simulated device borders, unnecessary text, or other unnecessary features.