Firefox 67 for developers

Este artículo provee información sobre los cambios en Firefox 67 que afectarán a los desarrolladores. Firefox 67 fue lanzado el 21 de Mayo de 2019.

Cambios para desarrolladores web

Herramientas de desarrollo

  • Actualizaciones del depurador:
  • Web Console updates:
    • Navigate details in the console using the keyboard (error 1424159).
    • Cmd + K will now clear the console of its contents on macOS (error 1532939).
    • When the user clears the console, the error messages cache is cleared as well (error 717611).
    • The user can import existing modules into the current page using import (error 1517546).
    • A new context menu item allows the user to use the Copy Link Location command (error 1457111).
    • Clicking a link in the Console causes the same behavior that it would in a content window (error 1466040).
    • Clicking the source link for a code file in the Console panel navigates to the Debugger if debugger knows the file (error 1447244).
    • When the user has filtered the contents of the console, an icon will be added to the filter text box to clear the filter (error 1525821).
  • Network Monitor enhancements:
    • The Header panel of the Network monitor will now display a notification for resources belonging to a known tracker (error 1485416).
    • In the Network monitor request columns, you can control the visible columns and column sorting. The context menu now includes a command to restore the list sort parameters to the default (error 1454962).






No changes.




DOM events

Workers/Service workers

Media, Web Audio, and WebRTC

Canvas and WebGL



WebDriver conformance (Marionette)

API changes

Corrección de errores

  • WebDriver:NewWindow will no longer timeout because of focus-related inconsistencies across platforms (error 1523234).


  • Both WebDriver:ExecuteScript and WebDriver:ExecuteAsyncScript now use Promises internally (error 1398095).
  • WebDriver:NewSession returns Firefox's BuildID string as part of the capabilities object (error 1525829).

Changes for add-on developers

Cambios en API

  • Using the proxy.settings.set() method to change BrowserSetting (en-US) values will throw an exception unless the extension was granted private window access by the user (error 1525447).

Cambios en manifiesto

  • A new manifest key, incognito, defines the behavior of an extension in private browsing windows or tabs (error 1511636).
  • The toolbar_field_highlight setting controls the background color used to indicate the current selection of text in the URL bar (error 1450114).
  • The toolbar_field_highlight_text setting controls the text color used to indicate the current selection of text in the URL bar (error 1450114).

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