Como unir tu cuenta GitHub a tu perfil MDN

This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

Note: Support for Persona logins on MDN was disabled on November 1, 2016. The method for adding a Github account to your profile therefore no longer works. If you didn't add a GitHub login to your MDN account before we disabled Persona logins, please file an "Account Help" bug on Bugzilla. For further reading about the end of life of Persona, see: Persona shutdown guidelines.

Debido a que el sistema de autentificacion de Persona  Mozilla esta siendo cerrado, todos los usuarios que deseen contribuir a MDN necesitaran otra manera de ingresar desde el 1 de Noviembre del 2016. Actualmente, la unica alternativa soportada es  GitHub, debido a esto necesitaras una cuenta en GitHub para editar y contribuir apartir de esta fecha. Este articulo describe como añadir la autentificacion de GitHub  a tu perfil MDN.

Debes hacer esto antes del 1 de Noviembre de 2016, o no tendras modo de ingresar a MDN!


Añadir la autentificacion mediamte GitHub a tu cuenta no es dificíl. Entraremos en detalle más adelante, pero primero, aqui hay una pequeña lista de pasos necesarios:

  1. ingresa a tu cuenta MDN mediante Persona.
  2. Ve a la pagina cuentas asosiadas.
  3. Añade la autentificacion GitHub.

Instrucciones Detalladas

Esta es una guia paso a paso de todo lo que necesitas saber.

Ingresar a tu cuenta MDN

  1. En la parte superior de la pagina de MDN, hubica el mouse sobre Registrarse o da tap para llegara este cuadro. aqui se muestran los metodos de autentificacion disponibles, Persona y GitHub.
    Sign in box on MDN, showing Persona and Github.
  2. Seleciona Persona, y usa tus datos de usuario usuales. si obtienes un error de inicio no reconocido, asegurese de estar ingresando la cuenta de correo con la que se unio a MDN, esta puede ser su direccion de correo usual. Si aún tienes problemas, mira Persona no me reconoce.

Ir a la pagina "cuentas asociadas"

Existen dos maneras de llegara esta pagina.

La primera y mas gacil es dar click en el siguiente link.

Otra manera seria, haciendo:

  1. Dar Click en tu nombre de usuario en la parte superior de cualquier pagina MDN. (en la misma posicion donde aparecia Registrarse cuando aún no habia ingresado.) Esta lo enviara a su pagina de perfil.
  2. Abra el "menu", y da click en Cuentas Asociadas.
    Gear menu in profile, showing the "Account connections" option

Añadir autentificación GitHub

You're now on the "Account connections" page, which lists the external accounts you've already linked to your MDN profile. If GitHub is already listed, congratulations! You're ready to go! But test it to be sure you remember your password, by signing out of MDN and signing back in using your GitHub credentials.

If GitHub isn't already listed, then near the bottom of the page, look below the list of already-linked external accounts. There you'll find a section called Connect a new account, which lists the types of accounts you can connect to your MDN profile. It looks something like this:

To add GitHub:

  1. Click  Connect with GitHub. MDN will contact GitHub to request  permission to link the accounts.  If you're not already signed in to GitHub, you'll be asked to do so:
    Screenshot of GitHub sign in window.
  2. If you have two-factor authentication enabled on your GitHub account, you'll be asked to enter your authentication code:
    Screenshot of GitHub's Two-factor authentication window.
  3. Now that you're signed in to your GitHub account, you'll be asked to authorize the link between GitHub and MDN (unless you already have this authorization on file for some reason). This page is shown below.
    Screenshot of GitHub "Authorize application" window.
    Click the green Authorize application button to grant permission for your MDN profile to access your GitHub account. If the GitHub account is successfully linked to your MDN profile, you'll see this message:
    Account successfully created.

Not only can you now use GitHub to sign in to MDN, but you're actually already signed in using your GitHub authentication! You're now ready for the Persona shutdown. Be sure to update any password managers you may have installed, if necessary.


If you run into problems while trying to add your GitHub account to your profile, hopefully the troubleshooting tips below will help. If they don't, please don't hesitate to ask us for help on the MDN Web Docs chat room.

Error: Could not find profile matching account

If you try to add your GitHub account to your profile and get the error "Could not find profile matching account," it can mean a few different things. If you have multiple accounts on your GitHub account, there may be some confusion; GitHub may not report the expected email address to MDN during the account pairing attempt, which will result in this error. Other glitches in the process may also result in the same error message.

One way to work around this problem: open a new private window in your browser; in Firefox, for example, choose "New Private Window" in the File menu (or press Ctrl+Shift+P [Cmd-Shift-P on Mac]). Browse to MDN there, sign into your MDN account, then try again to add your GitHub account to your profile as covered above.

Also, be sure that when you try to log into Persona to

My GitHub authorization is not displayed on the Account Connections page.

That might be a caching issue. Reloading the page or loggin out and loggin in again should solve the problem.

Persona doesn't remember me

If you try to log into Persona so you can add a GitHub login to your MDN account and get told "Your email address is new to us," this is likely because it's been long enough since you last logged into Persona that they've deleted your email address from their system. This happens after some period of time; the Persona login window looks like this in that situation:

If this happens, you need to simply follow Persona's instructions to create a new password for that email address. MDN doesn't care about this process; the fact that your email address matches up is all that matters. A confirmation email will be sent to verify that you own the email address, probably from If you have spam filtering, it may be sent to your spam folder.

Once you've finished the process of setting the password for the email address you used to log into MDN, your access to MDN will be restored. Then you can follow the steps in Detailed instructions above to add your GitHub login to your MDN account.

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