Firefox 3.1 for developers

Firefox 3.1, code-named "Shiretoko", will be based on Gecko 1.9.1. This page will serve as a starting point for documentation for the Firefox 3.1 project.

Note: Shiretoko source code is in the mozilla-central repository in Mercurial. See the article Mozilla Source Code (Mercurial) for details on how to access the Firefox 3.1 source code.

Please list changes here, so they can be properly documented.

Web site and application changes

ICC color correction is now supported for tagged images. See this article for further information.

CSS changes

Bug fixes

  • The 'ch' unit can now be used anywhere like a regular unit of length, and uses the width of the '0' character to follow the specification (bug 363706).

CSS 2.1 support

  • Updated ::before and ::after to CSS 2.1; they now support positioning and floating the content.

Newly supported features

  • CSS media queries
  • @font-face allows sites to link to downloadable fonts so that Firefox may render sites more precisely as intended (including being able to display Unicode characters not otherwise supported).

Newly supported properties

Newly supported selectors

HTML changes

DOM changes

Newly supported features

Bug fixes

  • Dispatched events can be redispatched; this makes Firefox pass Acid 3 test 30; see bug 412567 for details.
  • DOM 2 Range improvements (bug 332148).


Newly supported features

Bug fixes

  • In non-chrome scope, caught objects in exceptions are now the actual thrown object instead of an XPConnect wrapper containing the thrown object (bug 446584).


Newly supported features
HTML 5 text API for canvas elements
The HTML 5 text API for canvas elements is now supported.
Shadow effects
Canvas shadow effects are now supported.
-moz-opaque attribute
Added the -moz-opaque attribute, which lets the canvas know whether or not translucency will be a factor.  If the canvas knows there's no translucency, painting performance can be optimized.  See bug 430906.


Newly supported features

Bug fixes

For XUL and application developers

New features

Changes to interfaces

There is a list of all changes to interfaces between 1.9.0 and 1.9.1b2.

Changes to chrome registration

In bug 466582, we closed a security hole that could allow for remote chrome.  This would impact any add-on that created a resource in their chrome.manifest file that referenced a web site.  This bug added a flag to nsIProtocolHandler that indicates the protocol is safe to register as chrome.  Any add-on that creates their own protocol handler and tries to register it in their chrome.manifest will have to add the new flag (URI_IS_LOCAL_RESOURCE) to work.


For theme developers

Please see Theme changes in Firefox 3.1.

Notable bugs fixed

See also


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