App tools

This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.

What do you use to build Open Web Apps? The answer is "anything you would normally use to build for the web." The following is a list of tools and resources to help you get started making Open Web Apps. They can be easily integrated into your existing web development workflow, if you have one, or you can build a new workflow around them.

App Validator

Is your app ready for the Firefox Marketplace? The App validator will check your manifest and show you any errors it may have, or warnings you should consider.

Firefox OS Simulator

Installing and using the Firefox OS Simulator is the easiest way to get up and running with your app. After installed the simulator is accessible via the Tools -> Web Developer -> Firefox OS Simulator menu. The simulator launches with a JavaScript console so that you may debug your application from within the simulator!

App Manager

The new kid on the block with regards to testing tools is called the App Manager. This tool allows you to connect desktop Firefox to a compatible device via USB (or a Firefox OS simulator), push apps straight to the device, validate apps, and debug them as they run on the device.

Firefox Developer Tools

Firefox now ships with a default set of developer tools built from the ground up to ensure a great development experience that is both snappy and efficient. To find out more about how these tools work, and see a detailed list of what else Mozilla has to offer, head on over to our Tools zone.