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First pure CSS3 compatibility check!

Construido utilizando HTML5, CSS3

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This test checks which CSS3 tags are supported by using the @supports at-rule.

The @support rule is supported in Firefox 22+, Opera 12+, Goole Chrome 28+ and Iron 28+.
Webkit (Maxthon, Safari...) and Trident (Internet Explorer) doesn't support the @supports at-rule yet.


Dieser Test prüft mit der @supports-Regel, welche CSS Tags von deinem Browser unterstützt werden.

Die @supports-Regel wird von Firefox 22+, Opera 12+, Goole Chrome 28+ und Iron 28+ unterstützt.
Webkit (Maxthon, Safari...) und Trident (Internet Explorer) unterstützen die @supports-Regel noch nicht.


v 0.9:
-Blink (Google Chrome, Iron...) 28 supports the CSS3 @supports-Rule by default

v 0.8:
-Firefox 22 supports the CSS3 @supports-Rule by default
-Note for Blink engine added

v 0.7:
-Notice for browser support updated

v 0.6:
-Notice for Firefox 18
-@namespace support check

v 0.5:
-More Prefixed Tags
-@supports support check

v 0.4:
-More CSS Tags
-CSS Rules

v 0.3:
-Trident Tags
-Dynamic layout

v 0.2:
-Presto Tags
-Webkit Tags

v 0.1:
-CSS Tags
-Gecko Tags

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