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    Welcome visitor, this is my user page.

    Here you can find informations about me and links to my work on Mozilla Developer. If you want to ask me something, please don't hesitate to write in my Talk page, I will be glad to talk with you. Else if you want to contact me, write to paolo dot lombardi at gmail dot com.

    Here is where I was born, I live and work...


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    • Article on dynamic styling of anchors
    • Article on use of overflow:hidden for extending DIV to contained float DIV

    About Me

    I work for the biggest italian aerospace/military company, in the micro-electronics field (ASIC and FPGA designer).

    Actually I love everything about technology, especially new ones, but also science fiction technobabbles. In fact I am a member of Start Trek Italian Club, I watched all episodes of all Star Trek Series and my favourite writers are Philip Dick, Paul Simmons, Isaac Asimov, Harry Turtledove, Bruce Sterling, William Gibson, Stephen King and Tom Clancy.

    I am also interested in latest programming and web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySql, JSP and so on. I write articles for italian magazines and web sites about computer hardware and web developing, but this is not a job, it is an hobby.

    My latest website is Original Electronics Projects for Hobby and RC Models, a site dedicated to opne-sourcing complete and original electronic projects.

    In the last year I discovered Experts Exchange, and in my spare time I answered a lot of questions. I also earned a Master Level Certification in CSS Topic Area for answered questions.

    My Articles

    CSS-2 Quick Reference

    Useful CSS tips

    Common CSS Questions

    Understanding CSS z-index

    My Translations

    Le Colonne nei CSS3

    Gold Websites


    zpos article

    Articles To Be Read

    Ajax with FF
    Migrate apps from IE to Mozilla

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    Le Colonne nei CSS3
    Problemi derivanti dall'hover su elementi arbitrari
    Indentazione corretta delle liste
    Dare una mano al puntatore

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