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I changed nothing. This is only to suggest to include in this article a reference on how arrow functions behave differently with respect to this. Sorry I can't write it, my knowledge is too thin.


Didn't change anything, only comment: the images under "Choose DevTools theme" still show the 3D-view button, which is currently unavailable (sadly)

Adjacent sibling combinator

I did not edit anything, just want to say that IMO the "li:first-of-type + li" example (CSS3) should not be used in a feature that is IE7 compliant. Something old like :hover would do. Also, it might be useful to


Didn't change nothing (not enough know), only linked to regex=>flags. Comment on "flags": it's too geeky like "global" makes sense only for vim users. Also, not specified how to "combine" the regex flags


commented on the uselessness of createnodeIterator's 4th argument