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Justin is a senior UI developer at Idean in Palo Alto, CA, where he's in charge of developer community relations, promoting open source contribution and internal collaboration. In his day to day he spends his time writing JavaScript, HTML, CSS and other technologies such as Node. On the weekends he's an armature home brewer and enjoys trying atleast one new IPA.

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Changed title back to "Quickstart" from a change made this morning by @stachs "Szybki Start"

Touch events

added invoking constructor to ```var ongoingTouches = new Array;``` This example should probably be changed to literal notation, ```var ongoingTouches = [];```


Updated comments for chargingState flag to match code. 1 was listed for both charged and not charged. Upded not charged to 2.


Added index.html to launch_path in html. App will not launch properly on certain devices with launch_path set to root.


Fix a small spelling error, added parentheses to two of the conditional statements to and moved the install() declaration out of a conditional statement to prevent linters from complaining and to demostrate best practices.