No more surprises: watch specific pages for changes that impact your projects

From tutorial pages to API references, get notifications for the latest developments on MDN.

When you watch a page, MDN Plus sends you notifications for significant events relating to that page. For example, you’ll receive a notification when there’s a major update to the content of the page.

If a page has a browser compatibility table, then you can subscribe to notifications for web platform feature events such as:

  • New and upcoming browser support
  • Removed browser support
  • New subfeatures
  • Fixes to missing support data

Getting started

To start getting notifications, watch your first page. To do this, visit a page, then click Watch → Watch page.

Screenshot showing the watch button activated opening a dialog that shows the watch page option.

When there are notifications, an indicator appears in the user menu on any MDN page or in the notifications list.

See what pages you’re watching

  1. Click on your profile photo in the right corner of your screen and select Notifications from the drop-down list. Screenshot showing user menu at the top-right of the page expanded, revealing a notifications menu entry.
  2. On the notifications dashboard, click on Watch list Screenshot showing notifications dashboard with the watch list tab active.

Star a notification and review it

If you want to save a notification for later, go to the Notifications page and click the Star icon next to the notification you want to save. To see a list of starred notifications, go to the Notifications page and click Starred.

Screenshot showing notifications watch list with the star icon highlighted.

Stop watching a page

You can stop watching a page in two ways:

  1. Visit the page you want to stop watching, then click Watching → Unwatch. Screenshot showing the watch button activated opening a dialog that shows the unwatch option.
  2. Go to Notifications -> Watch list, and use the ⋮ menu to the right of the watched page and select Unwatch. Your watched page has now been removed. Select Undo in the notification at the bottom of the screen to revert this action. Screenshot showing the notifications dashboard with an entries three-dot menu, to the right, activated revealing an unwatch option.

You can also Bulk unwatch by checking the box on top of your Watched list and then clicking Unwatch

Screenshot showing the notifications dashboard with the bulk unwatch checkbox highlighted.

About your notifications inbox

The user menu on MDN pages shows a dot when you have notifications. You can review all of your read, unread, and starred notifications from the notifications list. Only the most-recent 5,000 notifications are kept in your inbox. Older notifications may be deleted.