The TypedArray.name property represents a string value of the typed array constructor name.

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Property attributes of TypedArray.name
Writable no
Enumerable no
Configurable no


TypedArray objects differ from each other in the number of bytes per element and in the way the bytes are interpreted. The name property describes of what data type the array consists. The first part can be Int for "integer" or Uint for an "unsigned integer", also Float for "floating point" is used. The second part is a number describing the bit-size of the array. Finally, the object type is Array, with ClampedArray as a special case. Please see Uint8ClampedArray for more details.


Using name

Int8Array.name;         // "Int8Array"
Uint8Array.name;        // "Uint8Array"
Uint8ClampedArray.name; // "Uint8ClampedArray"
Int16Array.name;        // "Int16Array"
Uint16Array.name;       // "Uint16Array"
Int32Array.name;        // "Int32Array"
Uint32Array.name;       // "Uint32Array"
Float32Array.name;      // "Float32Array"
Float64Array.name;      // "Float64Array"


ECMAScript Language Specification
# sec-properties-of-the-typedarray-constructors

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