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The SourceBufferList interface represents a simple container list for multiple SourceBuffer objects.

The source buffer list containing the SourceBuffers appended to a particular MediaSource can be retrieved using the MediaSource.sourceBuffers property.

The individual source buffers can be accessed using the array operator [].


SourceBufferList.length Read only

Returns the number of SourceBuffer objects in the list.

Event handlers


The event handler for the addsourcebuffer event.


The event handler for the removesourcebuffer event.


Inherits methods from its parent interface, EventTarget.


This example shows how to access the active source buffers of the MediaSource connected to an already playing HTMLVideoElement.

// Video is an already playing video using a MediaSource srcObject
var video = document.querySelector('video');
var mediaSource = video.srcObject;
var sourceBufferList = mediaSource.activeSourceBuffers;
for (var i = 0; i < sourceBufferList.length; i++) {
  var sourceBuffer = sourceBufferList[i];
  // Do something with each SourceBuffer, such as call abort()


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