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<p>Type: String<br />
  Specified by: default prefs of <a href="en/XULRunner">XULRunner</a> applications<br />
  Default: <i>none</i><br />
  Example: <code>pref("toolkit.defaultChromeURI", "<span class="external">chrome://myapp/content/</span>");</code></p>
<p>The toolkit.defaultChromeURI preference allows simple XULRunner-based applications to open a new window when the application is launched. The preference specifies the URI of a chrome window to be opened.</p>
<p>See also: <a href="en/XULRunner/Specifying_Startup_Chrome_Window">XULRunner:Specifying Startup Chrome Window</a>, <code><a href="en/toolkit.defaultChromeFeatures">toolkit.defaultChromeFeatures</a></code>, <code><a href="en/toolkit.singletonWindowType">toolkit.singletonWindowType</a></code>.</p>
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