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  • PR_SetErrorText Sets the text associated with an error.
  • PR_SetIPv6Enable This function was removed in NSPR 4.0 and does not exist any more.
  • PR_SetLibraryPath Registers a default library pathname with a runtime.
  • PR_SetPollableEvent Set a pollable event.
  • PR_SetSocketOption Retrieves the socket options set for a specified socket.
  • PR_SetThreadPriority Sets the priority of a specified thread.
  • PR_SetThreadPrivate Sets per-thread private data.
  • PR_Shutdown Shuts down part of a full-duplex connection on a specified socket.
  • PR_ShutdownThreadPool Notifies all threads in a thread pool to terminate.
  • PR_Sleep Causes the current thread to yield for a specified amount of time.
  • PR_STATIC_ASSERT Prevents code from compiling when an expression has the value FALSE at compile time.
  • PR_StringToNetAddr Converts a character string to a network address.
  • PR_strtod Converts the prefix of a decimal string to the nearest double-precision floating point number.
  • PR_Sync Synchronizes any buffered data for a file descriptor to its backing device (disk).
  • PR_TicksPerSecond Returns the number of ticks per second currently used to determine the value of PRIntervalTime.
  • PR_TransmitFile Sends a complete file across a connected socket.
  • PR_UnblockClockInterrupts Unblocks the timer signal used for preemptive scheduling.
  • PR_UnloadLibrary Unloads a library loaded with PR_LoadLibrary.
  • PR_Unlock Releases a specified lock object. Releasing an unlocked lock results in an error.
  • PR_USEC_PER_MSEC A convenience macro to improve code readability as well as to avoid mistakes in counting the number ...
  • PR_USEC_PER_SEC A convenience macro to improve code readability as well as to avoid mistakes in counting the number ...
  • PR_VERSION The format of the version string is MajorVersion.MinorVersion BuildDate.
  • PR_VersionCheck Compares the version of NSPR assumed by the caller (the imported version) with the version being ...
  • PR_Wait Waits for an application-defined state of the monitored data to exist.
  • PR_WaitCondVar Waits on a condition.
  • PR_WaitForPollableEvent Blocks the calling thread until the pollable event is set, and then atomically unsetting the event ...
  • PR_WaitSemaphore Returns the value of the environment variable.
  • PR_Write Writes a buffer of data to a file or socket.
  • PR_Writev Writes data to a socket from multiple buffers.
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