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  Last changed in Gecko 1.8 (Firefox 1.5 / Thunderbird 1.5 / SeaMonkey 1.0)

Inherits from: nsIAccessibleRetrieval

Method overview

nsIAccessible createOuterDocAccessible(in nsIDOMNode aNode);
nsIAccessible createRootAccessible(in nsIPresShell aShell, in nsIDocument aDocument);
nsIAccessible createHTML4ButtonAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
nsIAccessible createHyperTextAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
nsIAccessible createHTMLBRAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
nsIAccessible createHTMLButtonAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
nsIAccessible createHTMLAccessibleByMarkup(in nsIFrame aFrame, in nsIWeakReference aWeakShell, in nsIDOMNode aDOMNode);
nsIAccessible createHTMLLIAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame, in nsISupports aBulletFrame, in AString aBulletText);
nsIAccessible createHTMLCheckboxAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
nsIAccessible createHTMLComboboxAccessible(in nsIDOMNode aNode, in nsIWeakReference aPresShell);
nsIAccessible createHTMLGenericAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
nsIAccessible createHTMLGenericAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
nsIAccessible createHTMLHRAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
nsIAccessible createHTMLImageAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
nsIAccessible createHTMLLabelAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
nsIAccessible createHTMLLabelAccessible(in nsIDOMNode aNode, in nsIWeakReference aPresShell);
nsIAccessible createHTMLObjectFrameAccessible(in nsObjectFrame aFrame);
nsIAccessible createHTMLRadioButtonAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
nsIAccessible createHTMLSelectOptionAccessible(in nsIDOMNode aNode, in nsIAccessible aAccParent, in nsIWeakReference aPresShell);
nsIAccessible createHTMLTableAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
nsIAccessible createHTMLTableCellAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
nsIAccessible createHTMLTableHeadAccessible(in nsIDOMNode aDOMNode);
nsIAccessible createHTMLTextAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
nsIAccessible createHTMLTextFieldAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
nsIAccessible createHTMLCaptionAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
nsIAccessible getAccessible(in nsIDOMNode aNode, in nsIPresShell aPresShell, in nsIWeakReference aWeakShell, inout nsIFrame frameHint, out boolean aIsHidden);
nsIAccessible addNativeRootAccessible(in voidPtr aAtkAccessible);
void removeNativeRootAccessible(in nsIAccessible aRootAccessible);
void invalidateSubtreeFor(in nsIPresShell aPresShell, in nsIContent aChangedContent, in PRUint32 aEvent);



  void removeNativeRootAccessible(
     in nsIAccessible aRootAccessible


Invalidate the accessibility cache associated with aPresShell, for accessibles that were generated for aContainerContent and it's subtree. The container content node for the change is passed in, rather than the changed presentation for the content node itself.

  void invalidateSubtreeFor(
     in nsIPresShell aPresShell,
     in nsIContent aChangedContent,
     in PRUint32 aEvent
The presShell where changes occured.
The affected DOM content.
The event from nsIAccessibleEvent that caused the change. Must be one of:


EVENT_SHOW (make visible or create) or

EVENT_HIDE (destroy or hide)

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