This page lists a number of impressive web technology demos for you to get inspiration from, and generally have fun with. A testament to what can be done with JavaScript, WebGL, and related technologies. The first two sections list playable games, while the second is a catch-all area to list demos that aren't necessarily interactive/games.

Free/demo games


A multiplayer tank battle game, created with PlayCanvas.

Hyper Vanguard Force

A neat vertically scrolling space shooter.


A plane flying game: control your plane and collect the jewels. Again, created with PlayCanvas.


A fast-paced, futuristic racing game.

Angry Bots

A futuristic Aliens-esque isometric 3rd person shooter demo, made with Unity.

Biolab Disaster

Side-scrolling platform shooter.


Vertically scrolling space shooter demo.


Retro (Doom-style) first-person shooter.


Another retro style first-person shooter.

The Wizard

A turn-based, dungeon puzzle game.


Tetris-like hexagonal puzzle game.


A sliding number tiles puzzle game.


A multiplayer, 3D first-person shooter game developed using Emscripten, WebGL, and WebRTC.

Monster Madness

A WebGL and asm.js-based multiplayer online shooter, developed by Nom Nom Games and Trendy entertainment.


A classic solitaire game in the style and colors of the Mozilla Foundation. Built with ReactJS, Firebase and Greensock for animations.

Commercial games

A Wizard's Lizard

Top down Zelda-esque exploration/RPG.

Bullet Force

3D multiplayer first-person shooter.

Elliot Quest

8-bit graphic retro adventure game.


Isometric MMORPG with similarities to RuneScape Classic and Ultima.


HTML and canvas implementation of Settlers of Catan.

Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt

Pyramid solitaire app ported to WebAssembly with Emscripten

Assorted demos


WebGL visualizer for sound sources.

Canvas Airport Simulation

Animated map showing planes taking off and landing at airports, along with flight path patterns.

Animation Physics

3D rendering of terrain and cars, using ammo.js for the physics calculations.

Volumetric Particle Flow

Physics simulation of flowing liquid.

Explosion and chain reaction

Exploding particles that set off other explosions.

Canvas generated planet

A planet with orbiting asteroid belt.

Digital Fireworks

Animated firework effects rendered on canvas.


Falling autumn leaves, with light source shining through. Created using Three.js.

Fire walk with me

Billowing fire cloud effect.

Rainbow Firestorm

Rainbow-colored particles, falling like rain, bouncing around on a terrain of orbs.

Crowd Simulation

Simulation of a bustling crowd of people all trying to reach their opposite positions.

SVG Masking Experiment

An Xray machine, creating using an SVG mask.

Realistic Water Simulation

Flowing water, like the waves on the ocean.

Massive Assault tech demo

Rendered archipelago with futuristic military vehicles.

Flight Stream

3D globe with simulated flight paths.

WebGL filters

Demo showing WebGL filters being used to add effects to HTML elements.

SVG isometric tiles

Generating isometric tiles with SVG matrices.

ThreeJS App Player

A player into which you can load and run Three.js examples.