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    already_AddRefed cooperates with nsCOMPtr to allow you to assign in a pointer without AddRefing it.

    You might want to use this as a return type from a function that produces an already AddRefed pointer as a result. In fact it is preferred to use already_AddRefed in this case over returning a raw pointer or nsCOMPtr (see the nsCOMPtr user manual).

    Defined in: xpcom/glue/nsCOMPtr.h.


    already_AddRefed<nsIFoo> GetFoo() {
      nsIFoo* foo = mFoo;
      return foo;
    // or
    already_AddRefed<nsIFoo> GetFoo() {
      nsCOMPtr<nsIFoo> foo = mFoo; 
      // ...
      return foo.forget();
    // The following assignment doesn't perform an additional AddRef,
    // as it would do if GetFoo() returned a raw pointer.
    nsCOMPtr<nsIFoo> foo = GetFoo();

    See also

    nsCOMPtr, getterAddRefs(), dont_AddRef().

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