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This page tracks existing XULRunner-based applications.

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</p><p>This page tracks existing XULRunner-based applications.
<ul><li> <a class="external" href="">ChatZilla</a>
<ul><li> A standalone version of ChatZilla.
</li><li> <a class="external" href="">DAIM</a>
<ul><li> superb tool for image analysis build ontop of a professional imagelib
</li><li> <a class="external" href="">Democracy Player</a>
<ul><li> Internet TV Browser and Player
</li><li> <a class="external" href="">GencatRss</a>
<ul><li> An RSS feeds manager.
</li><li> <a class="external" href="">Google AdWords Editor</a>
<ul><li> AdWords Editor is Google's free, downloadable account management application for your computer.
</li><li> <a class="external" href="">Mozchat</a>
<ul><li> A Jabber client.
</li><li> <a class="external" href="">Songbird</a>
<ul><li> A music player.
</li><li> <a class="external" href="">TaskPool</a>
<ul><li> TaskPool is a little application to help keep track of time. You can add tasks to a pool, turn them on and off, and it will tick off seconds.
</li><li> <a class="external" href="">SVGclock</a>
<ul><li> An SVG-based clock.
</li><li> <a class="external" href="">WengoPhone</a>
<ul><li> A SIP/XMPP-based IM/VoIP client.
</li><li> <a class="external" href="">
<ul><li> A currency conversion tool using updated data from You can use the Firefox extension or the stand-alone XUL application.
</a></li></ul><a class="external" href="">
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