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If you know of useful mailing lists, newsgroups, forums, or other communities related to XULRunner, please link to them here.

Newsgroup Tip
News Server: news.mozilla.org
News Reader: eg. SeaMonkey or Thunderbird
More Info: Developer Forums Community Etiquette Thunderbird

mozilla.dev.tech.xul newsgroup
This newsgroup is the primary location to discuss XUL application development.
mozilla.dev.embedding newsgroup
This newsgroup is the primary location to discuss embedding of mozilla technologies.

Chat Tip
IRC Server: news.mozilla.org
IRC Client: eg. SeaMonkey or ChatZilla
More Info: Developer Forums #chat www.irchelp.org

#xulrunner channel on irc.mozilla.org
This IRC channel provides a working place to discuss XULRunner and XUL application development. The #extdev and #xul channels may also be a useful place to answer more general XUL development questions.
Benjamin Smedberg
Benjamin is the lead developer of XULRunner.


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