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XML in Mozilla
XML in Mozilla
"XML", "NeedsUpdate", "NeedsHelp"
"XML", "NeedsUpdate", "NeedsHelp"

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n8      Mozilla has a relatively good support for <a href="/en/XML"n8      Mozilla has a relatively good support for <a href="/en-US/d
> title="en/XML">XML</a>. Several World Wide Web Consortium (<a cl>ocs/XML" title="XML">XML</a>. Several World Wide Web Consortium (
>ass="external" href="">W3C</a>) Recommendations><a href="">W3C</a>) Recommendations and drafts 
> and drafts from the XML family of specifications are supported, >from the XML family of specifications are supported, as well as o
>as well as other related technologies.>ther related technologies.
n15    <h3 id="Supported_Core_XML_W3C_Recommendations" name="Supportn15    <h2 id="Supported_Core_XML_W3C_Recommendations" name="Support
nn17    </h2>
18    <p>
19      The core XML support includes parsing XML without validatio
 >n (we use the Expat parser), displaying XML with CSS, manipulatin
 >g XML documents with scripts via DOM, associating stylesheets wit
 >h XML documents, and namespaces in XML. The core support is very 
 >good with few bugs.
20    </p>
21    <h3 id="DTDs_and_Other_External_Entities" name="DTDs_and_Othe
22      DTDs and Other External Entities
n19      The core XML support includes parsing XML without validation
>n (we use the Expat parser), displaying XML with CSS, manipulatin 
>g XML documents with scripts via DOM, associating stylesheets wit 
>h XML documents, and namespaces in XML. The core support is very  
>good with few bugs. 
20    </p>
21    <h4 id="DTDs_and_Other_External_Entities" name="DTDs_and_Othe
22      DTDs and Other External Entities
23    </h4>
24    <p>
n28      Mozilla can load external entities whose system identifier n28      Mozilla can load external entities whose system identifier 
>uses the <code>chrome</code> protocol. This feature is used mainl>uses the <code>chrome</code> protocol. This feature is used mainl
>y to <a href="/en/XUL_Tutorial/Localization" title="en/XUL_Tutori>y to <a href="/en-US/docs/XUL_Tutorial/Localization" title="XUL_T
>al/Localization">localize Mozilla to different languages</a> (the>utorial/Localization">localize Mozilla to different languages</a>
> UI strings are stored in external DTD files). Another exception > (the UI strings are stored in external DTD files). Another excep
>is an entity whose system identifier is a relative path, and the >tion is an entity whose system identifier is a relative path, and
>XML declaration states that the document is not standalone (defau> the XML declaration states that the document is not standalone (
>lt), in which case Mozilla will try to look for the entity under >default), in which case Mozilla will try to look for the entity u
><code>&lt;bin&gt;/res/dtd</code> directory.>nder <code>&lt;bin&gt;/res/dtd</code> directory.
n36    <h4 id="Other_Notes" name="Other_Notes">n36    <h3 id="Other_Notes" name="Other_Notes">
n38    </h4>n38    </h3>
n40      A lot of the Document Object Model (<a class="external" hren40      A lot of the Document Object Model (<a href="http://www.w3.
>f="">DOM</a>, W3C Recommendations and draft>org/DOM/">DOM</a>, W3C Recommendations and drafts) applies to XML
>s) applies to XML. Likewise, the Cascading Style Sheets (<a class>. Likewise, the Cascading Style Sheets (<a href="http://www.w3.or
>="external" href="">CSS</a>, W3C Reco>g/Style/CSS/">CSS</a>, W3C Recommendations and drafts) style lang
>mmendations and drafts) style language can be used to style XML d>uage can be used to style XML documents.
41    </p>
42    <p>41    </p>
42    <p>
43      The code for most the core XML can be found in the followin43      The code for most the core XML can be found in the followin
>g directories on the Mozilla mercurial repository: {{ Source("con>g directories on the Mozilla mercurial repository: {{Source("cont
>tent/xml/") }}, {{ Source("parser/expat/") }} and {{ Source("pars>ent/xml/")}}, {{Source("parser/expat/")}} and {{Source("parser/ht
>er/htmlparser/") }}.>mlparser/")}}.
n60            <a href="/en/XML" title="en/XML">XML</a> 1.0n60            <a href="/en-US/docs/XML" title="XML">XML</a> 1.0
61          </td>
62          <td>61          </td>
62          <td>
63            <a class="external" href="            <a href="">W3C Recommenda
>l">W3C Recommendation</a>>tion</a>
n71            <a class="external" href="            <a href="">W3C Rec
>l-names/">W3C Recommendation</a>>ommendation</a>
72          </td>
73        </tr>
74        <tr>
75          <td>72          </td>
76            <a href="/en/XML_Introduction#XML_display" title="en/73        </tr>
>XML_Introduction#XML_display">Associating Stylesheets with XML Do 
74        <tr>
77          </td>75          <td>
76            <a href="/en-US/docs/XML_Introduction#XML_display" ti
 >tle="XML_Introduction#XML_display">Associating Stylesheets with X
 >ML Documents</a>
78          <td>77          </td>
79            <a class="external" href="
>ylesheet/">W3C Recommendation</a> 
80          </td>78          <td>
81        </tr>79            <a href="">W3C Re
82        <tr>
83          <td>80          </td>
84            Styling XML Documents with <a href="/en/CSS" title="e81        </tr>
82        <tr>
85          </td>83          <td>
84            Styling XML Documents with <a href="/en-US/docs/CSS" 
86          <td>85          </td>
87            &nbsp;
88          </td>86          <td>
89        </tr>87            &nbsp;
90        <tr>
91          <td>88          </td>
92            Manipulating XML documents with scripts through <a hr89        </tr>
>ef="/en/DOM" title="en/DOM">DOM</a> 
90        <tr>
93          </td>91          <td>
92            Manipulating XML documents with scripts through <a hr
 >ef="/en-US/docs/DOM" title="DOM">DOM</a>
94          <td>93          </td>
95            &nbsp;
96          </td>94          <td>
97        </tr>95            &nbsp;
98        <tr>
99          <td>96          </td>
97        </tr>
98        <tr>
99          <td>
100            Serializing XML DOM trees to Javascript Object trees 100            Serializing XML DOM trees to Javascript Object trees 
>(<a href="/en/Parsing_and_serializing_XML#JXON" title="en/Parsing>(<a href="/en-US/docs/Parsing_and_serializing_XML#JXON" title="Pa
n108    <h3 id="Other_Supported_XML_W3C_Recommendations" name="Other_n108    <h2 id="Other_Supported_XML_W3C_Recommendations" name="Other_
n110    </h3>n110    </h2>
n123            <a href="/en/XHTML" title="en/XHTML">XHTML</a>n123            <a href="/en-US/docs/XHTML" title="XHTML">XHTML</a>
124          </td>
125          <td>124          </td>
126            <a class="external" href="
>/">W3C Recommendation</a> 
127          </td>125          <td>
128        </tr>126            <a href="">W3C Recommenda
129        <tr>
130          <td>127          </td>
131            <a href="/en/XML/xml:base" title="en/xml/base">XML Ba128        </tr>
129        <tr>
132          </td>130          <td>
131            <a href="/en-US/docs/XML/xml:base" title="xml/base">X
 >ML Base</a>
133          <td>132          </td>
134            <a class="external" href="
>e/">W3C Recommendation</a> 
135          </td>133          <td>
136        </tr>134            <a href="">W3C Recommend
137        <tr>
138          <td>135          </td>
139            <a href="/en/XLink" title="en/XLink">XLink</a> (simpl136        </tr>
>e XLinks only) {{ obsolete_inline("2.0") }} 
137        <tr>
140          </td>138          <td>
139            <a href="/en-US/docs/XLink" title="XLink">XLink</a> (
 >simple XLinks only) {{obsolete_inline("2.0")}}
141          <td>140          </td>
142            <a class="external" href="
>">W3C Recommendation</a> 
143          </td>141          <td>
144        </tr>142            <a href="">W3C Recommendat
145        <tr>
146          <td>143          </td>
144        </tr>
145        <tr>
146          <td>
147            FIXptr {{ obsolete_inline("1.9.1") }}147            FIXptr {{obsolete_inline("1.9.1")}}
148          </td>
149          <td>148          </td>
150            <a class="external" href="
>ptr-20010425.htm">W3C "proposal"</a> 
151          </td>149          <td>
152        </tr>150            <a href="
 >>W3C "proposal"</a>
153        <tr>
154          <td>151          </td>
152        </tr>
153        <tr>
154          <td>
155            XPointer Framework {{ obsolete_inline("1.9.1") }}155            XPointer Framework {{obsolete_inline("1.9.1")}}
156          </td>
157          <td>156          </td>
158            <a class="external" href="
>ramework/">W3C Recommendation</a> 
159          </td>157          <td>
160        </tr>158            <a href="">W3C Re
161        <tr>
162          <td>159          </td>
160        </tr>
161        <tr>
162          <td>
163            XPointer <code>element()</code> scheme {{ obsolete_in163            XPointer <code>element()</code> scheme {{obsolete_inl
>line("1.9.1") }}>ine("1.9.1")}}
164          </td>
165          <td>164          </td>
166            <a class="external" href="
>lement/">W3C Recommendation</a> 
167          </td>165          <td>
168        </tr>166            <a href="">W3C Reco
169        <tr>
170          <td>167          </td>
168        </tr>
169        <tr>
170          <td>
171            XPointer <code>xmlns()</code> scheme {{ obsolete_inli171            XPointer <code>xmlns()</code> scheme {{obsolete_inlin
>ne("1.9.1") }}>e("1.9.1")}}
172          </td>
173          <td>172          </td>
174            <a class="external" href="
>mlns/">W3C Recommendation</a> 
175          </td>173          <td>
176        </tr>174            <a href="">W3C Recomm
177        <tr>
178          <td>175          </td>
176        </tr>
177        <tr>
178          <td>
179            XPointer <code>fixptr()</code> scheme {{ obsolete_inl179            XPointer <code>fixptr()</code> scheme {{obsolete_inli
>ine("1.9.1") }}>ne("1.9.1")}}
n187            XPointer <code>xpath1()</code> scheme {{ obsolete_inln187            XPointer <code>xpath1()</code> scheme {{obsolete_inli
>ine("1.9.1") }}>ne("1.9.1")}}
188          </td>
189          <td>188          </td>
190            <a class="external" href="
191          </td>189          <td>
192        </tr>190            <a href="
193        <tr>
194          <td>191          </td>
195            <code><a href="/en/DOM/document.load" title="en/DOM/d192        </tr>
>ocument.load">document.load()</a></code>, <code><a href="/en/DOM/ 
>document.async" title="en/DOM/document.async">document.async</a>< 
193        <tr>
196          </td>194          <td>
195            <code><a href="/en-US/docs/DOM/document.load" title="
 >DOM/document.load">document.load()</a></code>, <code><a href="/en
 >-US/docs/DOM/document.async" title="DOM/document.async">document.
197          <td>196          </td>
197          <td>
198            <a class="external" href="            <a href="
>vel-3-LS/load-save.html#LS-DocumentLS">Part of DOM Level 3 Load &>e.html#LS-DocumentLS">Part of DOM Level 3 Load &amp; Save module,
>amp; Save module, a W3C Working Draft</a>> a W3C Working Draft</a>
n203    <h4 id="XHTML" name="XHTML">n203    <h3 id="XHTML" name="XHTML">
n205    </h4>n205    </h3>
n207      We have reasonable <a href="/en/XHTML" title="en/XHTML">XHTn207      We have reasonable <a href="/en-US/docs/XHTML" title="XHTML
>ML</a> support, most things should work. We treat XHTML documents>">XHTML</a> support, most things should work. We treat XHTML docu
> differently depending on the mime type (or file suffix if files >ments differently depending on the mime type (or file suffix if f
>are loaded from local discs). Files that go through the <a href=">iles are loaded from local discs). Files that go through the <a h
>/en/HTML" title="en/HTML">HTML</a> code path are not checked for >ref="/en-US/docs/HTML" title="HTML">HTML</a> code path are not ch
>well-formedness. You will also notice not all XHTML features are >ecked for well-formedness. You will also notice not all XHTML fea
>supported when you exercise the HTML code path.>tures are supported when you exercise the HTML code path.
n268    <h4 id="XML_Linking_and_Pointing" name="XML_Linking_and_Pointn268    <h3 id="XML_Linking_and_Pointing" name="XML_Linking_and_Point
n270    </h4>n270    </h3>
271    <p>
272      XML Linking support includes <a href="/en/XML/xml:base" tit
>le="en/xml/base">XML Base</a> and simple <a href="/en/XLink" titl 
>e="en/XLink">XLinks</a>. You can make any XML element into an XLi 
>nk by using the XLink namespace <code><span class="nowiki">http:/ 
>/</span></code>. You can also use the linkin 
>g elements from the XHTML namespace. See the {{ Anch("Testing and 
> QA") }} section for samples. 
273    </p>271    <p>
272      XML Linking support includes <a href="/en-US/docs/XML/xml:b
 >ase" title="xml/base">XML Base</a> and simple <a href="/en-US/doc
 >s/XLink" title="XLink">XLinks</a>. You can make any XML element i
 >nto an XLink by using the XLink namespace <code><span class="nowi
 >ki"></span></code>. You can also use 
 >the linking elements from the XHTML namespace. See the {{Anch("Te
 >sting and QA")}} section for samples.
274    <p>273    </p>
274    <p>
275      For pointing into resources in XML documents Mozilla also s275      For pointing into resources in XML documents Mozilla also s
>upports <a class="external" href=">upports <a href="
>20010425.htm">FIXptr</a>, a simplified, non-compatible version of>ptr</a>, a simplified, non-compatible version of XPointer. In add
> XPointer. In addition to using FIXptr in links, it is possible t>ition to using FIXptr in links, it is possible to use it from scr
>o use it from scripts. See the proprietary {{ Source("dom/interfa>ipts. See the proprietary {{Source("dom/interfaces/core/nsIDOMXML
>ces/core/nsIDOMXMLDocument.idl") }} interface. There is test case>Document.idl")}} interface. There is test case for <a class="link
> for <a class="link-https" href=">-https" href="
>achment.cgi?id=46954&amp;action=view">FIXptr links</a> and a <a c>4&amp;action=view">FIXptr links</a> and a <a class="link-https" h
>lass="link-https" href=">ref=";act
>gi?id=61629&amp;action=view">scripting example</a>.>ion=view">scripting example</a>.
276    </p>
277    <p>276    </p>
277    <p>
278      Since 1.4alpha, Mozilla also supports <a class="external" h278      Since 1.4alpha, Mozilla also supports <a href="http://www.w
>ref="">XPointer Framework</a>>">XPointer Framework</a>, <a href="http:/
>, <a class="external" href="">X>/">XPointer <code>element()</code> sch
>Pointer <code>element()</code> scheme</a>, <a class="external" hr>eme</a>, <a href="">XPointer <cod
>ef="">XPointer <code>xmlns()</cod>e>xmlns()</code> scheme</a>, XPointer <code>fixptr()</code> schem
>e> scheme</a>, XPointer <code>fixptr()</code> scheme and <a class>e and <a href="
>="external" href=">-frag-00.html">XPointer <code>xpath1()</code> scheme</a>. The XPo
>ath-frag-00.html">XPointer <code>xpath1()</code> scheme</a>. The >inter processor is extensible and it is easy to implement support
>XPointer processor is extensible and it is easy to implement supp> for other schemes - have a look at the {{Source("content/xml/doc
>ort for other schemes - have a look at the {{ Source("content/xml>ument/public/nsIXPointer.idl", "API")}}. The <code>xpath1()</code
>/document/public/nsIXPointer.idl", "API") }}. The <code>xpath1()<>> scheme was {{Source("content/xslt/src/xpath/nsXPath1Scheme.cpp"
>/code> scheme was {{ Source("content/xslt/src/xpath/nsXPath1Schem>, "implemented using this extensible mechanism")}}. There is also
>e.cpp", "implemented using this extensible mechanism") }}. There > a {{Source("dom/interfaces/core/nsIDOMXMLDocument.idl", "proprie
>is also a {{ Source("dom/interfaces/core/nsIDOMXMLDocument.idl", >tary API from scripts")}} to the XPointer processor. There is a <
>"proprietary API from scripts") }} to the XPointer processor. The>a class="link-https" href="
>re is a <a class="link-https" href=">t.cgi?id=119333&amp;action=view">testcase for XPointers</a> that 
>attachment.cgi?id=119333&amp;action=view">testcase for XPointers<>you can also study.
>/a> that you can also study. 
n286    <h4 id="DOM_Load_and_Save_Methods" name="DOM_Load_and_Save_Men286    <h3 id="DOM_Load_and_Save_Methods" name="DOM_Load_and_Save_Me
n288    </h4>n288    </h3>
289    <p>
290      <code><a href="/en/DOM/document.load" title="en/DOM/documen
>t.load">document.load()</a></code> is a part of an old version of 
> the W3C <a class="external" href=" 
>-3-LS/load-save.html#LS-DocumentLS">DOM Level 3 Load &amp; Save m 
>odule</a>. Mozilla currently implements only the <code>load()</co 
>de> method and the <code><a href="/en/DOM/document.async" title=" 
>en/DOM/document.async">document.async</a></code> property. 
291    </p>289    <p>
290      <code><a href="/en-US/docs/DOM/document.load" title="DOM/do
 >cument.load">document.load()</a></code> is a part of an old versi
 >on of the W3C <a href="
 >ave.html#LS-DocumentLS">DOM Level 3 Load &amp; Save module</a>. M
 >ozilla currently implements only the <code>load()</code> method a
 >nd the <code><a href="/en-US/docs/DOM/document.async" title="DOM/
 >document.async">document.async</a></code> property.
291    </p>
292    <h3 id="Outside_Supported_XML_W3C_Recommendations" name="Outs292    <h2 id="Outside_Supported_XML_W3C_Recommendations" name="Outs
n294    </h3>n294    </h2>
n310            <a href="/en/XSLT" title="en/XSLT">XSLT</a>n310            <a href="/en-US/docs/XSLT" title="XSLT">XSLT</a>
311          </td>
312          <td>311          </td>
313            <a class="external" href="">
>W3C Recommendation</a> 
314          </td>312          <td>
313            <a href="">W3C Recommendatio
315          <td>314          </td>
316            <a class="external" href="
317          </td>315          <td>
318        </tr>316            <a href="">XSLT<
319        <tr>
320          <td>317          </td>
321            <a href="/en/XPath" title="en/XPath">XPath</a>318        </tr>
319        <tr>
322          </td>320          <td>
321            <a href="/en-US/docs/XPath" title="XPath">XPath</a>
323          <td>322          </td>
324            <a class="external" href=""
>>W3C Recommendation</a> 
325          </td>323          <td>
324            <a href="">W3C Recommendati
326          <td>325          </td>
327            <a class="external" href="
328          </td>326          <td>
329        </tr>327            <a href="">XSLT<
330        <tr>
331          <td>328          </td>
332            <a href="/en/nsIXMLHttpRequest" title="en/XMLHttpRequ329        </tr>
330        <tr>
333          </td>331          <td>
332            <a href="/en-US/docs/nsIXMLHttpRequest" title="XMLHtt
334          <td>333          </td>
335            <a class="external" href="
>pRequest/">W3C Recommendation</a> 
336          </td>334          <td>
335            <a href="">W3C Re
337          <td>336          </td>
338            <a href="/en/XML_Extras" title="en/XML Extras">XML Ex
339          </td>337          <td>
340        </tr>338            <a href="/en-US/docs/XML_Extras" title="XML Extras">X
 >ML Extras</a>
341        <tr>
342          <td>339          </td>
343            <a href="/En/Developing_add-ons" title="Developing ad340        </tr>
>d-ons">Request API</a> (no longer supported) 
341        <tr>
344          </td>342          <td>
343            <a href="/en-US/docs/Developing_add-ons" title="Devel
 >oping add-ons">Request API</a> (no longer supported)
345          <td>344          </td>
346            <a href="/En/Namespace/Mozilla" title="Mozilla">Mozil
347          </td>345          <td>
346            <a href="/en-US/docs/Namespace/Mozilla" title="Mozill
348          <td>347          </td>
349            <a href="/En/Developing_add-ons" title="Developing ad
>d-ons">Add-on SDK</a> 
350          </td>348          <td>
351        </tr>349            <a href="/en-US/docs/Developing_add-ons" title="Devel
 >oping add-ons">Add-on SDK</a>
352        <tr>
353          <td>350          </td>
354            <a href="/en/DOM/DOMParser" title="en/DOMParser">DOMP351        </tr>
>arser</a> and <a href="/en/XMLSerializer" title="en/XMLSerializer 
352        <tr>
355          </td>353          <td>
354            <a href="/en-US/docs/DOM/DOMParser" title="DOMParser"
 >>DOMParser</a> and <a href="/en-US/docs/XMLSerializer" title="XML
356          <td>355          </td>
357            <a href="/en/XML_Extras" title="en/XML Extras">Mozill
358          </td>356          <td>
357            <a href="/en-US/docs/XML_Extras" title="XML Extras">M
359          <td>358          </td>
360            <a href="/en/XML_Extras" title="en/XML Extras">XML Ex
361          </td>359          <td>
362        </tr>360            <a href="/en-US/docs/XML_Extras" title="XML Extras">X
 >ML Extras</a>
363        <tr>
364          <td>361          </td>
365            <a href="/en/SAX" title="en/SAX">SAX</a>362        </tr>
363        <tr>
366          </td>364          <td>
365            <a href="/en-US/docs/SAX" title="SAX">SAX</a>
367          <td>366          </td>
368            <a class="external" href=""
369          </td>367          <td>
368            <a href="">SAX</a>
370          <td>369          </td>
371            &nbsp;
372          </td>370          <td>
373        </tr>371            &nbsp;
374        <tr>
375          <td>372          </td>
376            <a href="/en/SOAP_in_Gecko-based_Browsers" title="en/373        </tr>
>SOAP_in_Gecko-based_Browsers">SOAP</a> (no longer supported) 
374        <tr>
377          </td>375          <td>
376            <a href="/en-US/docs/SOAP_in_Gecko-based_Browsers" ti
 >tle="SOAP_in_Gecko-based_Browsers">SOAP</a> (no longer supported)
378          <td>377          </td>
379            <a class="external" href=""
>>W3C Note</a> 
380          </td>378          <td>
379            <a href="">W3C Note</a>
381          <td>380          </td>
382            <a class="external" href="
>ects/webservices/">Web Services</a> 
383          </td>381          <td>
384        </tr>382            <a href="
 >">Web Services</a>
385        <tr>
386          <td>383          </td>
387            <a href="/en/XML-RPC" title="en/XML-RPC">XML-RPC</a> 384        </tr>
>(no longer supported) 
385        <tr>
388          </td>386          <td>
387            <a href="/en-US/docs/XML-RPC" title="XML-RPC">XML-RPC
 ></a> (no longer supported)
389          <td>388          </td>
390            <a class="external" href=""
>>UserLand Software</a> 
391          </td>389          <td>
390            <a href="">UserLand Softwar
392          <td>391          </td>
393            <a class="external" href="
394          </td>392          <td>
395        </tr>393            <a href="">XML
396        <tr>
397          <td>394          </td>
398            <a href="/en/RDF" title="en/RDF">RDF</a>395        </tr>
396        <tr>
399          </td>397          <td>
398            <a href="/en-US/docs/RDF" title="RDF">RDF</a>
400          <td>399          </td>
401            <a class="external" href="">W3C
> Recommendations</a> 
402          </td>400          <td>
401            <a href="">W3C Recommendations<
403          <td>402          </td>
404            <a href="/en/RDF" title="en/RDF">RDF</a>
405          </td>403          <td>
406        </tr>404            <a href="/en-US/docs/RDF" title="RDF">RDF</a>
407        <tr>
408          <td>405          </td>
409            <a href="/en/SVG" title="en/SVG">SVG</a>406        </tr>
407        <tr>
410          </td>408          <td>
409            <a href="/en-US/docs/SVG" title="SVG">SVG</a>
411          <td>410          </td>
411          <td>
412            <a class="external" href="            <a href="">W3C Recommendat
>">W3C Recommendation</a>>ion</a>
n423            <a class="external" href="            <a href="" tit
>animate.html" title="">W3C>le="">W3C Recommendation</
424          </td>
425          <td>424          </td>
426            &nbsp;
427          </td>425          <td>
428        </tr>426            &nbsp;
429        <tr>
430          <td>427          </td>
431            <a href="/en/MathML" title="en/MathML">MathML</a>428        </tr>
429        <tr>
432          </td>430          <td>
431            <a href="/en-US/docs/MathML" title="MathML">MathML</a
433          <td>432          </td>
434            <a class="external" href="
>/">W3C Recommendation</a> 
435          </td>433          <td>
434            <a href="">W3C Recommenda
436          <td>435          </td>
437            <a class="external" href="
438          </td>436          <td>
439        </tr>437            <a href="">Mat
440        <tr>
441          <td>438          </td>
442            <a href="/en/P3P" title="en/P3P">P3P</a> (no longer s439        </tr>
440        <tr>
443          </td>441          <td>
442            <a href="/en-US/docs/P3P" title="P3P">P3P</a> (no lon
 >ger supported)
444          <td>443          </td>
445            <a class="external" href="">
>W3C Recommendation</a> 
446          </td>444          <td>
445            <a href="">W3C Recommendatio
447          <td>446          </td>
448            <a class="external" href="
449          </td>447          <td>
450        </tr>448            <a href="">P3P</a
451        <tr>
452          <td>449          </td>
450        </tr>
451        <tr>
452          <td>
453            <a href="/en/XML_Web_Services/Accessing_Web_Services_453            <a href="/en-US/docs/XML_Web_Services/Accessing_Web_S
>in_Mozilla_Using_WSDL_Proxying" title="en/Accessing_Web_Services_>ervices_in_Mozilla_Using_WSDL_Proxying" title="Accessing_Web_Serv
>in_Mozilla_Using_WSDL_Proxying">WSDL</a> (no longer supported)>ices_in_Mozilla_Using_WSDL_Proxying">WSDL</a> (no longer supporte
454          </td>
455          <td>454          </td>
456            <a class="external" href="">
>W3C Note</a> 
457          </td>455          <td>
456            <a href="">W3C Note</a>
458          <td>457          </td>
459            <a class="external" href="
>ects/webservices/">Web Services</a> 
460          </td>458          <td>
461        </tr>459            <a href="
 >">Web Services</a>
462        <tr>
463          <td>460          </td>
464            <a href="/en/XBL" title="en/XBL">XBL</a>461        </tr>
462        <tr>
465          </td>463          <td>
464            <a href="/en-US/docs/XBL" title="XBL">XBL</a>
466          <td>465          </td>
467            <a href="/en/XBL/XBL_1.0_Reference" title="en/XBL/XBL
>_1.0_Reference">Mozilla's XBL reference</a> 
468          </td>466          <td>
467            <a href="/en-US/docs/XBL/XBL_1.0_Reference" title="XB
 >L/XBL_1.0_Reference">Mozilla's XBL reference</a>
469          <td>468          </td>
470            &nbsp;
471          </td>469          <td>
472        </tr>470            &nbsp;
473        <tr>
474          <td>471          </td>
475            <a href="/en/XUL" title="en/XUL">XUL</a>472        </tr>
473        <tr>
476          </td>474          <td>
475            <a href="/en-US/docs/XUL" title="XUL">XUL</a>
477          <td>476          </td>
477          <td>
478            <a href="/en/XUL_Reference" title="en/XUL_Reference">478            <a href="/en-US/docs/XUL_Reference" title="XUL_Refere
>Mozilla's XUL reference</a>>nce">Mozilla's XUL reference</a>
n486    <h3 id="Roadmap" name="Roadmap">n486    <h2 id="Roadmap" name="Roadmap">
n488    </h3>n488    </h2>
n490      Next big tasks would include support for XPointer <code>xpon490      Next big tasks would include support for XPointer <code>xpo
>inter()</code> scheme ({{ Bug(32832) }}), <a href="/en/XInclude" >inter()</code> scheme ({{Bug(32832)}}), <a href="/en-US/docs/XInc
>title="en/XInclude">XInclude</a> ({{ Bug(201754) }}), XML Catalog>lude" title="XInclude">XInclude</a> ({{Bug(201754)}}), XML Catalo
>s ({{ Bug(98413) }}), <a href="/en/XForms" title="en/XForms">XFor>gs ({{Bug(98413)}}), <a href="/en-US/docs/XForms" title="XForms">
>ms</a> ({{ Bug(97806) }}; work being done on implementing this as>XForms</a> ({{Bug(97806)}}; work being done on implementing this 
> an extension), validating parser ({{ Bug(196355) }}) and XML Sch>as an extension), validating parser ({{Bug(196355)}}) and XML Sch
491    </p>
492    <p>491    </p>
492    <p>
493      To fully implement <a href="/en/XLink" title="en/XLink">XLi493      To fully implement <a href="/en-US/docs/XLink" title="XLink
>nk</a>, we need something called a link manager. See some initial>">XLink</a>, we need something called a link manager. See some in
> <a class="external" href=">itial <a href="
>mdesign.html">design documents</a>.>">design documents</a>.
n495    <h3 id="Testing_and_QA" name="Testing_and_QA">n495    <h2 id="Testing_and_QA" name="Testing_and_QA">
n497    </h3>n497    </h2>
n499      We have a lot of testcases linked to from the <a class="extn499      We have a lot of testcases linked to from the <a href="http
>ernal" href="">brow>://">browser standards com
>ser standards compliance</a> QA page.>pliance</a> QA page.
500    </p>
501    <p>500    </p>
501    <p>
502      Most of the core XML test documents on the mercurial reposi502      Most of the core XML test documents on the mercurial reposi
>tory are located in {{ Source("content/xml/tests") }}. We also ha>tory are located in {{Source("content/xml/tests")}}. We also have
>ve a couple online: the books demo and the IRS table of contents > a couple online: the books demo and the IRS table of contents de
>demo. Both of them demonstrate XML, Associating stylesheets with >mo. Both of them demonstrate XML, Associating stylesheets with XM
>XML, displaying XML with CSS, Namespaces in XML, XHTML, simple XL>L, displaying XML with CSS, Namespaces in XML, XHTML, simple XLin
>inks, and manipulation of XML with scripts via DOM.>ks, and manipulation of XML with scripts via DOM.
n510    <h3 id="How_can_I_help.3F" name="How_can_I_help.3F">n510    <h2 id="How_can_I_help.3F" name="How_can_I_help.3F">
n512    </h3>n512    </h2>
n517      You can always test our XML support. We'd really like to gen517      You can always test our XML support. We'd really like to ge
>t tests that can be run automatically (this would require knowled>t tests that can be run automatically (this would require knowled
>ge of web development; <code><a href="/en/DOM/document.load" titl>ge of web development; <code><a href="/en-US/docs/DOM/document.lo
>e="en/DOM/document.load">document.load()</a></code> and/or XML Ex>ad" title="DOM/document.load">document.load()</a></code> and/or X
>tras might be needed), but probably most of the bugs we get have >ML Extras might be needed), but probably most of the bugs we get 
>just been found by normal people trying to do something that work>have just been found by normal people trying to do something that
>s in some other browser and does not work in Mozilla.> works in some other browser and does not work in Mozilla.
n519    <h3 id="See_also">n519    <h2 id="See_also" name="See_also">
n521    </h3>n521    </h2>
n524        <a href="/en/E4X" title="en/E4X">E4X</a>n524        <a href="/en-US/docs/E4X" title="E4X">E4X</a>
n527        <a href="/en/XQuery" title="En/XQuery">XQuery</a>n527        <a href="/en-US/docs/XQuery" title="XQuery">XQuery</a>
n530        <a href="/en/Code_snippets/QuerySelector" title="en/Code_n530        <a href="/en-US/docs/Code_snippets/QuerySelector" title="
>snippets/QuerySelector">Code snippets for querySelector</a> - use>Code_snippets/QuerySelector">Code snippets for querySelector</a> 
>ful techniques for navigating DOM&nbsp;using CSS selectors on XML>- useful techniques for navigating DOM using CSS selectors on XML
> DOM documents (Firefox 3.5 only)> DOM documents (Firefox 3.5 only)
n533        <a href="/en/XML/Identifying_XML_elements_and_documents" n533        <a href="/en-US/docs/XML/Identifying_XML_elements_and_doc
>title="en/XML/Identifying_XML_elements_and_documents">Identifying>uments" title="XML/Identifying_XML_elements_and_documents">Identi
> XML elements and documents</a>>fying XML elements and documents</a>
n536        <a href="/en/Parsing_and_serializing_XML" title="en/Parsin536        <a href="/en-US/docs/Parsing_and_serializing_XML" title="
>ng_and_serializing_XML">Parsing and serializing XML</a>>Parsing_and_serializing_XML">Parsing and serializing XML</a>
t538    </ul>t
539    <p>
540      &nbsp;
541    </p>
542    <p>
543      {{ languages( { "zh-cn": "cn/Mozilla\u4e2d\u7684XML", "it":538    </ul><!--languages( { "zh-cn": "cn/Mozilla\u4e2d\u7684XML", "
> "it/XML_in_Mozilla", "es": "es/XML_en_Mozilla", "fr": "fr/XML_da>it": "it/XML_in_Mozilla", "es": "es/XML_en_Mozilla", "fr": "fr/XM
>ns_Mozilla", "ja": "ja/XML_in_Mozilla", "pl": "pl/XML_w_Mozilli" >L_dans_Mozilla", "ja": "ja/XML_in_Mozilla", "pl": "pl/XML_w_Mozil
>} ) }}>li" } )-->
544    </p>

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