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<h3 name="References_&amp;_Guides"> References &amp; Guides </h3>
<p><a href="en/XBL/XBL_1.0_Reference">XBL 1.0 Reference</a>
<h3 name="Articles_&amp;_Tutorials"> Articles &amp; Tutorials </h3>
<p><a class="external" href=",39024632,39186903,00.htm">Creating reusable Web components for Mozilla</a> - article showing use of XBL to create reusable Web components
<h3 name="Tips_&amp;_FAQs"> Tips &amp; FAQs </h3>
<h3 name="Examples"> Examples </h3>
<h3 name="Tools"> Tools </h3>
<h3 name="Other_Resources"> Other Resources </h3>
<h3 name="Discussion_Groups"> Discussion Groups </h3>
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