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    Why Embed Gecko

    Gecko - the Smart Embedding Choice

    Robust, full featured, secure and cross platform

    Gecko features amazing support for open Web standards and existing Web content, is built from the ground up with security in mind, and is available on more than a dozen platforms. Architected from the ground up to be Cross Platform, Gecko runs on Wintel, Mac OS 9.0 and OS X, Linux, BSD, OS/2 and more. It is the clear choice for internet enabled applications.

    Proven track record

    A host of companies and organizations are currently using Gecko in commercial and free software products. See our Hall of Fame page which lists many creative implementations using Gecko. Gecko is technology you can trust!

    A low cost solution

    The partnership in development efforts by companies and Open Source contributors can be leveraged by all. Open Source is freely available, highly customizable and usable as a component in a proprietary commercial product.

    Strategic risk mitigation

    Access to Gecko source code means not being beholden to the direction or goals of any one company.

    Flexible licensing

    Mozilla licensing permits use of Gecko in open and commercial products without giving up proprietary intellectual property. More info about possible licensing arrangements can be found at


    If you are still not convinced, read on...

    Gecko Embedding Basics
    An introduction to embedding the Gecko rendering engine.
    Mozilla embedding APIs overview
    Introduction to the Mozilla embedding APIs.
    Comprehensive API reference
    Frozen interfaces related to the embedding of Gecko.
    A newsgroup for general questions and answers.

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