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Cross-domain textures Redirect 1

Loading of WebGL textures is subject to cross-domain access controls. In order for your content to load a texture from another domain, CORS approval needs to be be obtained. See HTTP access control for details on CORS.

See this article for an explanation of how to use CORS-approved images as WebGL textures, with a self-contained example.

Note: CORS support for WebGL textures and the crossOrigin attribute for image elements is implemented in Gecko 8.0.

Tainted (write-only) 2D canvases can't be used as WebGL textures. A 2D <canvas> becomes tainted, for example, when a cross-domain image is drawn on it.

Note: CORS support for Canvas 2D drawImage is implemented in Gecko 9.0. This means that using a cross-domain image with CORS approval does no longer taint the 2D canvas, so the 2D canvas remains usable as the source of a WebGL texture.

Note: CORS support for cross-domain videos and the crossorigin attribute for <video> elements is implemented in Gecko 12.0.

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