SIMD.js has been taken out of active development in TC39 and removed from Stage 3. It is not being pursued by web browsers for implementation anymore. SIMD operations exposed to the web are under active development within WebAssembly, with operations based on the SIMD.js operations.

The static SIMD.%type%.or() method returns a new instance with the logical OR of the lane values (a | b). This operation exists only on integer and boolean SIMD types.


SIMD.Int8x16.or(a, b)
SIMD.Int16x8.or(a, b)
SIMD.Int32x4.or(a, b)

SIMD.Uint8x16.or(a, b)
SIMD.Uint16x8.or(a, b)
SIMD.Uint32x4.or(a, b)

SIMD.Bool8x16.or(a, b)
SIMD.Bool16x8.or(a, b)
SIMD.Bool32x4.or(a, b)
SIMD.Bool64x2.or(a, b)


An instance of a SIMD type.
Another instance of a SIMD type.

Return value

A new corresponding SIMD data type with the logical OR of the lane values (a | b).


The bitwise OR operation yields 1, if either a or b are 1. The truth table for the OR operation is:

a b a | b
0 0 0
0 1 1
1 0 1
1 1 1

For example, a bitwise OR of 5 & 1 results in 0101 which is 5 in decimal.

5  0101
1  0001
5  0101


Bitwise OR of two Int32x4

var a = SIMD.Int32x4(1, 2, 4, 8);
var b = SIMD.Int32x4(5, 5, 5, 5);
SIMD.Int32x4.or(a, b);
// Int32x4[5, 7, 5, 13]


Specification Status Comment
The definition of 'SIMDConstructor.or' in that specification.
Obsolete Initial definition.

Browser compatibility

Experimental SIMD.js has been removed from browsers. It's still available in Firefox Nightly, but will be removed in favor of a SIMD implementation in WebAssembly. See also bug 1416723.

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