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<h3 name="Summary"> Summary </h3>
<p><b>Definition term</b> element identifies a term in a <a href="en/HTML/Element/dl">definition list</a> (<a href="en/HTML/Element/dl">&lt;dl&gt;</a>). This element can occur only as a <a href="en/HTML/Child_element">child element</a> of a definition list and it has to be followed by a <a href="en/HTML/Element/dd">definition description</a> (<a href="en/HTML/Element/dd"><code>&lt;dd&gt;</code></a>) element.
<ul><li> Allowed content: <a href="en/HTML/Inline_elements">inline</a>
</li><li> Allowed in: <a href="en/HTML/Element/dl"><code>&lt;dl&gt;</code></a>
<h3 name="Example"> Example </h3>
<p>For example see <a href="en/HTML/Element/dl#Examples">definition list</a>.
<h3 name="See_Also"> See Also </h3>
<ul><li> <a href="en/HTML/Element/dl">HTML Definition list element</a>
</li><li> <a href="en/HTML/Element/dd">HTML Definition description element</a>
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