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The column rule property lets you set the color of the rule drawn between columns in multi-column layouts.

  • {{ Xref_cssinitial() }}: {{ Cssxref("none") }}
  • Applies to: all elements
  • {{ Xref_cssinherited() }}: no
  • Media: {{ Xref_cssvisual() }}


-moz-column-rule-width: <width>


See border-width.


  #header {-moz-column-rule-width: thick;}



Browser compatibility

Browser Lowest Version
Internet Explorer N/A
Opera N/A
Safari 3.0

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<p>{{ CSSRef() }} {{ gecko_minversion_header("1.9.1") }}</p>
<h3 name="Summary">Summary</h3>
<p>The column rule property lets you set the color of the rule drawn between columns in multi-column layouts.</p>
<ul> <li>{{ Xref_cssinitial() }}: {{ Cssxref("none") }}</li> <li>Applies to: all elements</li> <li>{{ Xref_cssinherited() }}: no</li> <li>Media: {{ Xref_cssvisual() }}</li>
<h3 name="Syntax">Syntax</h3>
<p><code>-moz-column-rule-width: &lt;width&gt;</code></p>
<h3 name="Values">Values</h3>
<dl><dt> <code>&lt;width&gt;</code> </dt><dd> See <a class="internal" href="/en/CSS/border-width" title="En/CSS/border-width"><code>border-width</code></a>.<br>
<h3 name="Examples">Example</h3>
<pre>  #header {<code>-moz-column-rule-width: thick;</code>}
<h3 name="Notes">Notes</h3>
<h3 name="Specifications">Specifications</h3>
<ul> <li><a class="external" href="" title="">CSS 3 Working Draft</a> </li>
<h3 name="Browser_compatibility">Browser compatibility</h3>
<table class="standard-table"> <tbody> <tr> <th>Browser</th> <th>Lowest Version</th> </tr> <tr> <td>Internet Explorer</td> <td>N/A</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Opera</td> <td>N/A</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Safari</td> <td>3.0</td> </tr> </tbody>
<h3>See also</h3>
<ul> <li><a class="internal" href="/En/CSS/-moz-column-rule" title="En/CSS/-moz-column-rule"><code>-moz-column-rule</code></a>, <a class="internal" href="/En/CSS/-moz-column-rule-style" title="En/CSS/-moz-column-rule-style"><code>-moz-column-rule-style</code></a>, <a class="internal" href="/En/CSS/-moz-column-rule-color" title="En/CSS/-moz-column-rule-color"><code>-moz-column-rule-color</code></a></li>
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