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This property has been deferred to a future specification, and is not currently implemented in any browser.

The box-suppress CSS property controls the box generation of an element.

/* Keyword values */
box-suppress: show;
box-suppress: discard;
box-suppress: hide;

/* Global values */
box-suppress: inherit;
box-suppress: initial;
box-suppress: unset;

If the computed value of display-outside is none, the computed value of box-suppress is discard. Otherwise, the computed value is the specified value.

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One of the keyword values listed below.


The element generates boxes as normal, per its display-* properties.
The element generates no boxes at all.
The element generates boxes as normal, but those boxes do not participate in layout in any way, and must not be displayed.
For the purpose of any layout-related information, such as querying for the computed value of the element's width property, it must be treated as if it did not generate any boxes.
Properties that rely on boxes but do not rely on layout, such as animations, counter-increment, etc., must work as normal on this element and its descendants.

Formal syntax

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Specification Status Comment
CSS Display Module Level 3
The definition of 'box-suppress' in that specification.
Working Draft Deferred to future specification.

Browser compatibility

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