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The :last-child pseudo-class represents any element that is the last child element of its parent.


element:last-child { style properties }



    background-color: lime;


    <span>This span is not limed.</span>
    <span>This span is! :)</span>

... should look like ...
This span is not limed. This span is! :)


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<h3 name="Summary">Summary</h3>
<p>The <code>:last-child</code> <a href="/en/CSS/Pseudo-classes" title="Pseudo-classes">pseudo-class</a> represents any element that is the last child element of its parent.</p><h3 name="Syntax">Syntax</h3>
<pre class="eval">element:last-child { <em>style properties</em> }
<p>  </p>
<h3 name="Examples">Examples</h3>
<pre class="brush: css">span:last-child
    background-color: lime;
<pre class="brush: html">  &lt;div&gt;
    &lt;span&gt;This span is not limed.&lt;/span&gt;
    &lt;span&gt;This span is! :)&lt;/span&gt;
<p>... should look like ... <br>
<span>This span is not limed.</span> <span style="background-color: lime;">This span is! :)</span></p>
<h3 name="Notes">Notes</h3>
<p>{{ languages( { "fr": "fr/CSS/:last-child", "pl": "pl/CSS/:last-child" } ) }}</p>
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