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Revision 395861 of :-moz-tree-column

  • Revision slug: Web/CSS/:-moz-tree-column
  • Revision title: :-moz-tree-column
  • Revision id: 395861
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  • Creator: Sheppy
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  • Comment removed obsolete links (xulplanet); 7 words removedCSS/:-moz-tree-column Web/CSS/:-moz-tree-column

Revision Content

{{ CSSMozExtensionRef() }}

Activated by the 'properties' attribute.

Associated Elements

  • treecol

Style Properties

  • margin
  • visibility
  • text style

{{ languages( { "fr": "fr/CSS/:-moz-tree-column", "ja": "ja/CSS/:-moz-tree-column", "pl": "pl/CSS/:-moz-tree-column" } ) }}

Revision Source

<p>{{ CSSMozExtensionRef() }}</p>
<p>Activated by the 'properties' attribute.</p>
<h3 id="Associated_Elements" name="Associated_Elements">Associated Elements</h3>
<ul> <li>treecol</li>
<h3 id="Style_Properties" name="Style_Properties">Style Properties</h3>
<ul> <li>margin</li> <li>visibility</li> <li>text style</li>
<p>{{ languages( { "fr": "fr/CSS/:-moz-tree-column", "ja": "ja/CSS/:-moz-tree-column", "pl": "pl/CSS/:-moz-tree-column" } ) }}</p>
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