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The :-moz-drag-over pseudo-class is used to edit an element when a drag-over event is called on it.


element:-moz-drag-over { style properties }


td:-moz-drag-over { color:red; }


<table border="1">
    <td width="100px" height="100px">Drag Over</td>



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<h3 id="Summary" name="Summary">Summary</h3>
<p>The <code>:-moz-drag-over</code> <a href="/en/CSS/Pseudo-classes" title="Pseudo-classes">pseudo-class</a> is used to edit an element when a drag-over event is called on it.</p><h3 id="Syntax" name="Syntax"> Syntax </h3>
<pre class="eval">element:-moz-drag-over { <i>style properties</i> }
<h3 id="Examples" name="Examples"> Examples </h3>
<pre>td:-moz-drag-over { color:red; }
<pre>&lt;table border="1"&gt;
    &lt;td width="100px" height="100px"&gt;Drag Over&lt;/td&gt;
</p><p><img alt="Image:draga.jpg" fileid="672" src="File:en/Media_Gallery/Draga.jpg">...<img alt="Image:dragb.jpg" fileid="673" src="File:en/Media_Gallery/Dragb.jpg">
<div class="noinclude">
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