Media demo app tutorial

This is a tutorial on the "NPR demo" app.

Tutorial Sections

  • Introducing the NPR demo app (by the way, is it okay for us to publicly use the name "NPR" in association with this? Will we have problems with Trademarks? We might want to run it by a legal person, just to be sure).
    • Screen capture of the app
    • What the app does
    • Parts of the app server:
      • node.js, what it is and what it does
      • Redis, what it is and what it does
      • other parts
    • Note: we will install this on your local machine for demo purposes
  • What you need
  • Installing redis
  • Installing node.js
  • Getting the code
  • Starting Redis and node.js
  • Details of running the app server
  • The app itself:
    • Parts of the app
    • How the app uses appcache
    • User installation of the app
    • Checking the receipt


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