Privacy Policies for Open Web Apps

You've written a killer Open Web App and now you're ready to submit it to the Firefox Marketplace. Your screenshots are polished, you write a description that expertly summarizes the simplicity and the beauty of your app; you're ready to publish, right? Have you thought about your privacy policy? If you're a big company, or maybe even if you're a small one, you might have had your lawyer(s) do this, but what if you don't have a lawyer? Privacy policies are required for all apps on the Firefox Marketplace, because your users deserve to know not just what data your app is using, but how it's going to use it. Because you're (probably) not a lawyer, the fantastic Mozilla Legal team has put together some pointers to help you fill out this required field for all Marketplace submissions.


Data Hygiene Tips

  • Design your app so that what you actually do with users' data is what users think you are doing with it.
  • Try to give the user as much control over their data as you can, such as giving them the choice to opt-in or opt-out of data collection whenever possible.
  • Try to limit your data collection and use to only the data that you need.
  • Design your app and service to protect the security of your user's data in its collection, storage, and use.
  • Respond to user questions and concerns about your privacy practices.
  • Avoid "secret" updates.
  • Make your use of social features transparent, so that users are aware of when they're sharing data socially.
  • Give people a way to turn off automatic sharing or make more granular choices about sharing data.
  • Obtain consent from users when necessary, especially for location and other sensitive information.
  • Put a link to your privacy policy and, if you have them, your Terms of Use somewhere in your app.


Writing tips

  • Use plain language, but be accurate.
  • Be upfront about what kind of data your app uses, and how it uses it.
  • If you're storing user data, tell them how long you will keep it and how you will protect it.


Additional Resources

These links are not affiliated with Mozilla — we're only providing them for your information. We recommend consulting a lawyer before finalizing your privacy policy.


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