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    AT Development


    Software Accessibility: Where are we today?
    The accessibility of computer software has seen drastic improvements over the past two decades. This article (from 2007) reviews the progress and technology as it has developed.


    AT APIs Implementation by Gecko
    AT vendors guide to support Gecko-based applications like Firefox, Thunderbird and so on.
    Accessibility Architecture
    How the accessibility hierarchy is implemented in Mozilla (some issues aren't addressed by previous guide).
    Building XULRunner with Python
    How to build XULRunner with Python on Windows. Then comtypes gives access to MSAA and IAccessible2.


    AT APIs Implementation References
    Shows how Gecko handles ATK, IAccessible2, MSAA and Universal Access API
    Accessible Web Specifications References
    Provides the map of reflecting web specification to AT APIs. This page includes:
    • ARIA References - W3C specification reflecting ARIA mapping into AT APIs.
    • XForms References - Gecko documentation showing how XForms controls are mapped to AT APIs.



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