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    You will find below how methods and properties of IA2 interfaces are mapped to Gecko.


    IA2 Description Gecko
    nRelations Returns the number of accessible relations for this object nsIAccessible.relationsCount
    relation Returns one accessible relation for this object by index nsIAccessible.getRelation()
    relations Returns multiple accessible relations for this object nsIAccessible.getRelations()
    role Returns the role of an IAccessible2 object. nsIAccessible.role
    scrollTo Makes an object visible on screen nsIAccessNode.scrollTo()
    scrollPointTo Moves the top left of an object to a specified location. nsIAccessNode.scrollPointTo()
    groupPosition Returns grouping information nsIAccessible.groupPosition()
    states Returns the bit strip containing any IAccessible2 states nsIAccessible.finalState()
    extendedRole Returns the extended role not implemented
    localizedExtendedRole Returns the localized extended role not implemented
    nExtendedStates Returns the number of extended states not implemented
    extendedStates Returns the extended states (array of strings) not implemented
    localizedExtendedStates Returns the localized extended states (array of strings) not implemented
    uniqueID Returns the unique ID nsIAccessNode.uniqueID
    windowHandle Returns the window handle for the parent window which contains this object nsIAccessNode.ownerWindow
    indexInParent Returns the index of this object in its parent object nsIAccessible.indexInParent
    locale Returns the IA2Locale of the accessible object nsIAccessNode.language
    attributes Returns the attributes specific to this IAccessible2 object, such as a cell's formula nsIAccessible.attributes


    IA2 Description Gecko
    nActions Returns the number of accessible actions available in this object nsIAccessible.numActions
    doAction Performs the specified Action on the object nsIAccessible.doAction()
    description Returns a description of the specified action of the object nsIAccessible.getActionDescription()
    keyBinding Returns an array of BSTRs describing one or more key bindings, if there are any, associated with the specified action nsIAccessible.keyBindings()
    name Returns the non-localized name of specified action nsIAccessible.getActionName()
    localizedName Returns the localized name of specified action not implemented


    IA2 Description Gecko
    appName Returns the application name
    appVersion Returns the application version nsIXULAppInfo.version
    toolkitName Returns the toolkit/bridge name "Gecko"
    toolkitVersion Returns the toolkit/bridge version nsIXULAppInfo.version


    IA2 Description Gecko
    locationInParent Returns the location of the upper left corner of the object's bounding box relative to the parent nsIAccessible.getBounds()
    foreground Returns the foreground color of this object nsIAccessNode.getComputedStyleCSSValue()
    background Returns the background color of this object nsIAccessNode.getComputedStyleCSSValue()


    IA2 Description Gecko
    copyText Copies the text range into the clipboard nsIAccessibleEditableText.copyText()
    deleteText Deletes a range of text nsIAccessibleEditableText.deleteText()
    insertText Inserts text at the specified position nsIAccessibleEditableText.insertText()
    cutText Deletes a range of text and copies it to the clipboard nsIAccessibleEditableText.cutText()
    pasteText Pastes text from the clipboard nsIAccessibleEditableText.pasteText()
    replaceText Replaces text nsIAccessibleEditableText.deleteText(), nsIAccessibleEditableText.insertText()
    setAttributes Replaces the attributes of a text range by the given set of attributes nsIAccessibleEditableText.setAttributes()
    IA2 Description Gecko
    anchor Returns an object that represents the link anchor, as appropriate for the link at the specified index nsIAccessibleHyperLink.getObject()
    anchorTarget Returns an object representing the target of the link, as appropriate for the link at the specified index nsIAccessibleHyperLink.getURI()
    startIndex Returns the index at which the textual representation of the hyperlink starts nsIAccessibleHyperLink.startIndex
    endIndex Returns the index at which the textual rerpesentation of the hyperlink ends nsIAccessibleHyperLink.endIndex
    valid Returns whether the target object referenced by this link is still valid nsIAccessibleHyperLink.isValid()


    IA2 Description Gecko
    nHyperlinks Returns the number of links and link groups contained within this hypertext paragraph nsIAccessibleHyperText.links
    hyperlink Returns the specified link nsIAccessibleHyperText.getLink()
    hyperlinkIndex Returns the index of the hyperlink that is associated with this character index nsIAccessibleHyperText.getLinkIndex()


    IA2 Description Gecko
    description Returns the localized description of the image
    imagePosition Returns the coordinates of the image nsIAccessibleImage.getImagePosition()
    imageSize Returns the size of the image in units specified by parent's coordinate system nsIAccessibleImage.getImageSize()


    IA2 Description Gecko
    relationType Returns the type of the relation nsIAccessibleRelation.relationType
    localizedRelationType Returns a localized version of the relation type not implemented
    nTargets Returns the number of targets for this relation nsIAccessibleRelation.targetsCount
    target Returns one accessible relation target nsIAccessibleRelation.getTarget()
    targets Returns multiple accessible relation targets nsIAccessibleRelation.getTargets()


    IA2 Description Gecko
    accessibleAt Returns the IAccessible2 object at the specified row and column in the table nsIAccessibleTable.cellRefAt()
    caption Returns the caption for the table nsIAccessibleTable.caption
    childIndex Translates the given row and column indices into the corresponding child index nsIAccessibleTable.getIndexAt()
    columnDescription Returns the description text of the specified column in the table nsIAccessibleTable.getColumnDescription()
    columnExtentAt Returns the number of columns occupied by the accessible object at the specified row and column in the table nsIAccessibleTable.getColumnExtentAt()
    columnHeader Returns the column headers as an IAccessibleTable object nsIAccessibleTable.columnHeader
    columnIndex Translates the given child index into the corresponding column index nsIAccessibleTable.getColumnAtIndex
    nColumns Returns the total number of columns in table nsIAccessibleTable.columns
    nRows Returns the total number of rows in table nsIAccessibleTable.rows
    nSelectedChildren Returns the total number of selected children nsIAccessibleTable.selectedCellsCount
    nSelectedColumns Returns the total number of selected columns nsIAccessibleTable.selectedColumnsCount
    nSelectedRows Returns the total number of selected rows nsIAccessibleTable.selectedRowsCount
    rowDescription Returns the description text of the specified row in the table nsIAccessibleTable.getRowDescription()
    rowExtentAt Returns the number of rows occupied by the accessible oject at the specified row and column in the table nsIAccessibleTable.getRowExtentAt()
    rowHeader Returns the row headers as an IAccessibleTable object nsIAccessibleTable.rowHeader
    rowIndex Translates the given child index into a row index. nsIAccessibleTable.getRowIndex()
    selectedChildren Returns a list of child indexes currently selected (0-based). nsIAccessibleTable.getSelectedCells()
    selectedRows Returns a list of row indexes currently selected (0-based) nsIAccessibleTable.getSelectedRows()
    selectedColumns Returns a list of column indexes currently selected (0-based) nsIAccessibleTable.getSelectedColumns()
    summary Returns the summary description of the table. The returned object could be an IAccessible or an IAccessible2. not applicable
    isColumnSelected Returns a boolean value indicating whether the specified column is completely selected nsIAccessibleTable.isColumnSelected()
    isRowSelected Returns a boolean value indicating whether the specified row is completely selected nsIAccessibleTable.isRowSelected()
    isSelected Returns a boolean value indicating whether the specified cell is selected nsIAccessibleTable.isCellSelected()
    selectRow Selects a row and unselects all previously selected rows nsIAccessibleTable.selectRow()
    selectColumn Selects a column and unselects all previously selected columns nsIAccessibleTable.selectColumn()
    unselectRow Unselects one row, leaving other selected rows selected (if any) nsIAccessibleTable.unselectRow()
    unselectColumn Unselects one column, leaving other selected columns selected (if any) nsIAccessibleTable.unselectColumn()
    rowColumnExtentsAtIndex Given a child index, gets the row and column indexes and extents of a cell and whether or not it is selected bunch of methods: nsIAccessibleTable.getRowIndex(), nsIAccessibleTable.getColumnIndex(), nsIAccessibleTable.getRowExtentAt(), nsIAccessibleTable.getColumnExtentAt(), nsIAccessibleTable.isCellSelected()
    modelChange Returns the type and extents describing how a table changed not implemented


    IA2 Description Gecko
    addSelection Adds a text selection nsIAccessibleText.addSelection()
    attributes Returns text attributes nsIAccessibleText.getTextAttributes()
    caretOffset Returns the position of the caret nsIAccessibleText.caretOffset
    characterExtents Returns the bounding box of the specified position nsIAccessibleText.getCharacterExtents()
    nSelections Returns the number of active non-contiguous selections nsIAccessibleText.selectionCount
    offsetAtPoint Returns the text position for the specified screen position nsIAccessibleText.getOffsetAtPoint()
    selection Returns the character offsets of N-th active text selection nsIAccessibleText.getSelectionBounds()
    text Returns the substring between the two given indices nsIAccessibleText.getText()
    textBeforeOffset Returns a text portion before the given position nsIAccessibleText.getTextBeforeOffset()
    textAfterOffset Returns a text portion after the given position nsIAccessibleText.getTextAfterOffset()
    textAtOffset Returns a text portion that spans the given position nsIAccessibleText.getTextAtOffset()
    removeSelection Unselects a range of text nsIAccessibleText.removeSelection()
    setCaretOffset Sets the position of the caret nsIAccessibleText.caretOffset
    setSelection Changes the bounds of an existing selection nsIAccessibleText.setSelectionBounds()
    nCharacters Returns total number of characters nsIAccessibleText.characterCount
    scrollSubstringTo Makes a specific part of string visible on screen nsIAccessibleText.scrollSubstringTo()
    scrollSubstringToPoint Moves the top left of a substring to a specified location nsIAccessibleText.scrollSubstringToPoint()
    newText Returns any inserted text refer to nsIAccessibleTextChangeEvent
    oldText Returns any removed text refer to nsIAccessibleTextChangeEvent


    IA2 Description Gecko
    currentValue Returns the value of this object as a number nsIAccessibleValue.currentValue
    setCurrentValue Sets the value of this object to the given number nsIAccessibleValue.currentValue
    maximumValue Returns the maximal value that can be represented by this object nsIAccessibleValue.maximumValue
    minimumValue Returns the minimal value that can be represented by this object nsIAccessibleValue.minimumValue

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