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Gecko Text Attributes

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Text attributes are implemented in Firefox 3.5 (Gecko 1.9.1). You can obtain text attributes by nsIAccessibleText.getTextAttributes() method and nsIAccessibleText.defaultTextAttributes property.

Attributes List

Unsorted text attributes

Exposed if the language is specified in the text, see [RFC1766] for valid values. Primary language is defined by html:lang attribute.
Currently exposed if the text is misspelled (visually it's underlined by red line). Possible value is 'spelling'.
Set to "true" for list bullets or other static text in a document which is part of the layout but has no DOM node of its own. May be generated by CSS rules such as text inserted via a ::before or :after.

CSS text attributes

Background color, the value is exposed as string rgb(r, g, b) where r, g, b are 0-255 (see CSS background-color property).
Color, the value is exposed as string rgb(r, g, b) where rgb are 0-255 (see CSS color property).
Font name (see CSS font-family property).
Font style (see CSS font-style property).
Font size, exposed in 'pt' units, corresponds to font size of actually used font (see CSS font-size property).
Font weight, the number from the list '100', ... '900', corresponds to font weight of actually used font. (see CSS font-weight property).
Exposed if there is a line (strike) through the text, the value is solid (corresponds to line-through value of CSS text-decoration property).
Exposed if text is underlined, the value is solid (corresponds to underline value of CSS text-decoration property).
Specifies the vertical alignment of the text (see CSS vertical-align property).

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