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    AT-SPI States

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    The table below shows how AT-SPI states are mapped to Gecko states.

    States List

    State Description Gecko State
    STATE_ACTIVE Indicates a window is currently the active window, or is an active subelement within a container or table. EXT_STATE_ACTIVE
    STATE_ARMED Indicates that the object is armed. no
    STATE_BUSY Indicates the current object is busy, i.e. STATE_BUSY
    STATE_CHECKED Indicates this object is currently checked. STATE_CHECKED
    STATE_COLLAPSED Indicates this object is collapsed. no
    STATE_DEFUNCT Indicates that this object no longer has a valid backing widget (for instance, if its peer object has been destroyed). EXT_STATE_DEFUNCT
    STATE_EDITABLE Indicates the user can change the contents of this object. EXT_STATE_EDITABLE
    STATE_ENABLED Indicates that this object is enabled EXT_STATE_ENABLED
    STATE_EXPANDABLE Indicates this object allows progressive disclosure of its children. EXT_STATE_EXPANDABLE
    STATE_EXPANDED Indicates this object its expanded. STATE_EXPANDED
    STATE_FOCUSABLE Indicates this object can accept keyboard focus, which means all events resulting from typing on the keyboard will normally be passed to it when it has focus. STATE_FOCUSABLE
    STATE_FOCUSED Indicates this object currently has the keyboard focus. STATE_FOCUSED
    STATE_HAS_TOOLTIP Indicates that the object has an associated tooltip. no
    STATE_HORIZONTAL Indicates the orientation of thsi object is horizontal. EXT_STATE_HORIZONTAL
    STATE_ICONIFIED Indicates this object is minimized and is represented only by an icon. no
    STATE_MODAL Indicates something must be done with this object before the user can interact with an object in a different window. EXT_STATE_MODAL
    STATE_MULTI_LINE Indicates this (text) object can contain multiple lines of text. EXT_STATE_MULTI_LINE
    STATE_MULTISELECTABLE Indicates this object allows more than one of its children to be selected at the same time, or in the case of text objects, that the object supports non-contiguous text selections. STATE_MULTISELECTABLE
    STATE_OPAQUE Indicates this object paints every pixel within its rectangular region. EXT_STATE_OPAQUE
    STATE_PRESSED Indicates this object is currently pressed. STATE_PRESSED
    STATE_RESIZABLE Indicates the size of this object's size is not fixed. STATE_SIZEABLE
    STATE_SELECTABLE Indicates this object is the child of an object that allows its children to be selected and that this child is one of those children that can be selected. STATE_SELECTABLE
    STATE_SELECTED Indicates this object is the child of an object that allows its children to be selected and that this child is one of those children that has been selected. STATE_SELECTED
    STATE_SENSITIVE Indicates this object is sensitive EXT_STATE_SENSITIVE
    STATE_SHOWING Indicates this object, the object's parent, the object's parent's parent, and so on, are all 'shown' to the end-user  !STATE_OFFSCREEN
    STATE_SINGLE_LINE Indicates this (text) object can contain only a single line of text. EXT_STATE_SINGLE_LINE
    STATE_STALE Indicates that the information returned for this object may no longer be synchronized with the application state. EXT_STATE_STALE
    STATE_TRANSIENT Indicates this object is transient. EXT_STATE_TRANSIENT
    STATE_VERTICAL Indicates the orientation of this object is vertical; for example this state may appear on such objects as scrollbars, text objects (with vertical text flow), separators, etc. EXT_STATE_VERTICAL
    STATE_VISIBLE Indicates this object is visible  !STATE_INVISIBLE
    STATE_MANAGES_DESCENDANTS Indicates that "active-descendant-changed" event is sent when children become 'active' no
    STATE_INDETERMINATE Indicates that a check box or other boolean indicator is in a state other than checked or not checked. STATE_MIXED
    STATE_REQUIRED Indicates that user interaction with this object is 'required' from the user, for instance before completing the processing of a form. STATE_REQUIRED
    STATE_ANIMATED Indicates this object's visual representation is dynamic, not static. STATE_ANIMATED
    STATE_INVALID_ENTRY This object has indicated an error condition due to failure of input validation. STATE_INVALID
    STATE_SUPPORTS_TYPEAHEAD This state indicates that the object in question implements some form of ¨typeahead¨ or pre-selection behavior whereby entering the first character of one or more sub-elements causes those elements to scroll into view or become selected. no
    STATE_SELECTABLE_TEXT This state indicates that the object in question supports text selection. EXT_STATE_SELECTABLE_TEXT

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