ARIA: sectionhead role

The sectionhead role, an abstract role, is superclass role for labels or summaries of the topic of its related section.

Note: The sectionhead role is an abstract role. It is included here for completeness of documentation. It should not be used by web authors.


The structural sectionhead role is an abstract role for the subclass roles that identify the labels or summaries of the sections they label. The role must not be used. The four subclasses -- columnheader, heading, rowheader, and tab. There are HTML element equivalents, like, <th scope="col"> for columnheader, <th scope="row"> for rowheader, and any of the HTML headings, <h1> thru <h6> for heading. The tab role does not currently have an HTML equivalent.

Best Practices

Do not use.


Specification Status
Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) 1.1
The definition of 'ARIA: sectionhead role' in that specification.

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