Secure context

This feature is available only in secure contexts (HTTPS), in some or all supporting browsers.

The mode property of the XRPermissionDescriptor dictionary is a string, specifying which Web XR session mode (inlineimmersive-vr, or immersive-ar) the described permissions will be used for.


xrPermissionDescriptor = {
  mode: xrSessionMode,
  requiredFeatures: reqFeatureList,
  optionalFeatures: optFeatureList

xrPermissionDescriptor.mode = xrSessionMode;
xrMode = xrPermissionDescriptor.mode;


A DOMString whose value is one of the following strings

  • immersive-ar: The session's output will be given exclusive access to the immersive device, but the rendered content will be blended with the real-world environment. The session's environmentBlendMode indicates the method to be used to blend the content together.
  • immersive-vr: Indicates that the rendered session will be displayed using an immersive XR device in VR mode; it is not intended to be overlaid or integrated into the surrounding environment. The environmentBlendMode is expected to be opaque if possible, but might be additive if the hardware requires it.
  • inline: The output is presented inline within the context of an element in a standard HTML document, rather than occupying the full visual space. Inline sessions can be presented in either mono or stereo mode, and may or may not have viewer tracking available. Inline sessions don't require special hardware and should be available on any user agent offering WebXR API support.

Usage notes


The example below checks to ensure that permission has been granted to allow the user to use WebXR for an immersive virtual reality experience. No specific features are specified during this query; see requiredFeatures and optionalFeatures for more information on specifying features during a WebXR permission check.

let xrPermissionDesc = {
  name: "xr",
  mode: "immersive-vr"

if (navigator.permissions) {
  navigator.permissions.query(xrPermissionDesc).then(({state}) => {
    switch(state) {
      case "granted":
      case "prompt":
        /* do nothing otherwise */
  .catch(err) {
} else {


WebXR Device API
# dom-xrpermissiondescriptor-mode

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