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The PaymentDetailsBase dictionary is a mixin used by the PaymentDetailsInit and PaymentDetailsUpdate dictionaries. It is never directly used by developers and is included here only to be used as the basis for those documents.


An array of PaymentItem objects, each describing one line item for the payment request. These represent the line items on a receipt or invoice.
An array of PaymentDetailsModifier objects, each describing a modifier for particular payment method identifiers. For example, you can use one to adjust the total payment amount based on the selected payment method ("5% cash discount!").
An array of PaymentShippingOption objects, each describing one available shipping option from which the user may choose.

Derived dictionaries

The following dictionaries include PaymentDetailsBase.

Provides payment information when calling the PaymentRequest() constructor.
Provides updated payment details while the payment user interface is being handled. This can be delivered to the payment interface using either PaymentDetailsUpdateEvent.updateWith() or by returning it from the optional detailsUpdate promise provided to the call that begins the user interaction.


Specification Status Comment
Payment Request API
The definition of 'PaymentDetailsBase' in that specification.
Candidate Recommendation Initial definition.

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