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The phone property is found in a PayerErrors object if the payerName returned in the response couldn't be validated as a valid phone number. The value of this property is a string explaining the problem. If the payer's phone number validated successfully, the phone property is omitted from the PayerErrors object.


payerPhone =;


If this property is present in the PayerErrors object, the payer's phone number couldn't be successfully validated, and the phone property's value is a DOMString explaining the error. This string will be displayed to the user by the user agent's payment handling user interface as appropriate.

If the phone number is valid, this property is omitted from the PayerErrors object.


function validatePayment(response) {
  const correctionPromises
  let paymentErrors = {};
  let payerErrors = {};

  // Check payer details

  if (!validEmail(response.payerEmail)) { = "Please make sure you enter a valid email address."
  if (!validName(response.payerName)) { = "Please enter a valid name, using only <appropriate characters>."
  if (!validPhone(response.payerPhone)) { = "Please enter a valid phone number in the form ###-###-####."

  // Check everything else too...



Specification Status Comment
Payment Request API
The definition of '' in that specification.
Candidate Recommendation Initial definition.

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