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The email property is included in a PayerErrors object if the PaymentResponse.payerEmail property failed validation; in this case, the property should contain a string describing how to correct the problem. If the payer's email address passed validation, this property is not included in the PayerErrors object.


payerEmail =;


If validation of the payer's email address (PaymentResponse.payerEmail) found problems, this property should be set to a DOMString that explains the validation problem and how to correct it. If the email address is valid, this property should be omitted from the PayerErrors object.


function validatePayment(response) {
  const correctionPromises
  let paymentErrors = {};
  let payerErrors = {};

  // Check payer details

  if (!validEmail(response.payerEmail)) { = "Please make sure you enter a valid email address."
  if (!validName(response.payerName)) { = "Please enter a valid name, using only <appropriate characters>."
  if (!validPhone(response.payerPhone)) { = "Please enter a valid phone number in the form ###-###-####."

  // Check everything else too...



Specification Status Comment
Payment Request API
The definition of '' in that specification.
Candidate Recommendation Initial definition.

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