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    This feature is not on a current W3C standards track, but it is supported on the Firefox OS platform. Although implementations may change in the future and it is not supported widely across browsers, it is suitable for use in code dedicated to Firefox OS apps.

    This API is available on Firefox or Firefox OS for installed or higher privileged applications.


    The source property returns a MozActivityOptions object, which provides information about the activity request.


    navigator.mozSetMessageHandler('activity', function(aRequestHandler) {
      var activityOptions = aRequestHandler.source;
      if ( == 'share') {
      } else if ( == 'view') {


    Return a MozActivityOptions object.


    Web Activities is not part of any specification. However, it has some overlap with the proposed Web Intents specification. Mozilla actually proposed Web Activities as a counter proposal to Web Intents. For more information about this, see discussion on the Web Intents Task Force ML.

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