This feature is not on a current W3C standards track, but it is supported on the Firefox OS platform. Although implementations may change in the future and it is not supported widely across browsers, it is suitable for use in code dedicated to Firefox OS apps.

This API is available on Firefox OS for privileged or certified applications only.


The sendMouseEvent method allows to fake a mouse event and send it to the browser <iframe>'s content.


instanceOfHTMLIframeElement.sendMouseEvent(type, x, y, button, clickCount, modifiers);


A string representing the event type. Possible values are mousedown, mouseup, mousemove, mouseover, mouseout, or contextmenu.
A number representing the x position of the cursor relative to the browser <iframe>'s visible area in CSS pixels.
A number representing the y position of the cursor relative to the browser <iframe>'s visible area in CSS pixels.
A number representing which button has been pressed on the mouse: 0 (Left button), 1 (middle button), or 2 (right button).
Number of clicks that have been performed.
A number representing a key pressed at the same time the mouse button was clicked:
   1 : The ALT key
   2 : The CONTROL key
   4 : The SHIFT key
   8 : The META key
  16 : The ALTGRAPH key
  32 : The CAPSLOCK key
  64 : The FN key
 128 : The NUMLOCK key
 256 : The SCROLL key
 512 : The SYMBOLLOCK key
1024 : The WIN key


Not part of any specification.

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