Bluetooth: availabilitychanged event

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The availabilitychanged event fires when the Bluetooth system as a whole becomes available or unavailable to the User Agent.


Use the event name in methods like addEventListener(), or set an event handler property.


addEventListener("availabilitychanged", (event) => { })

onavailabilitychanged = (event) => { }

Event type

A generic Event.


To be informed when Bluetooth availability changes, you can add a handler to your Bluetooth instance using addEventListener(), like this:


Bluetooth.addEventListener("availabilitychanged", (event) => {
  const availability = event.value;

Alternatively, you can use the Bluetooth.onavailabilitychanged event handler property to establish a handler for the availabilitychanged event:


Bluetooth.onavailabilitychanged = (event) => {
  const availability = event.value;


Web Bluetooth
# eventdef-bluetooth-availabilitychanged
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# dom-bluetooth-onavailabilitychanged

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