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The supportedNetworks property of the BasicCardRequest dictionary contains an array of DOMStrings representing the card networks that the retailer supports (e.g. amex, mastercard).


supportedNetworks : [value [, ... value]]


An array containing one or more DOMStrings, which describe the card networks the retailer supports. Legal values are defined in the W3C's document Card Network Identifiers Approved for use with Payment Request API, and are currently:

  • amex
  • cartebancaire
  • diners
  • discover
  • jcb
  • mastercard
  • mir
  • unionpay
  • visa


The following example shows a sample definition of the first parameter of the PaymentRequest() constructor, the data property of which contains supportedNetworks and supportedTypes properties.

var supportedInstruments = [{
  supportedMethods: 'basic-card',
  data: {
    supportedNetworks: ['visa', 'mastercard', 'amex', 'jcb',
                        'diners', 'discover', 'mir', 'unionpay'],
    supportedTypes: ['credit', 'debit']

var details = { ... };

var options = { ... };

var request = new PaymentRequest(supportedInstruments, details, options);


Payment Method: Basic Card (Basic Card)
# dom-basiccardrequest-supportednetworks

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