This feature is no longer recommended. Though some browsers might still support it, it may have already been removed from the relevant web standards, may be in the process of being dropped, or may only be kept for compatibility purposes. Avoid using it, and update existing code if possible; see the compatibility table at the bottom of this page to guide your decision. Be aware that this feature may cease to work at any time.

An object based on AddressErrors includes a languageCode property when the address's languageCode property couldn't be validated. The returned string explains the error and should offer suggestions for how to correct it.


var languageError = AddressErrors.languageCode;


If the value specified in the PaymentAddress object's languageCode property could not be validated, this property contains a DOMString offering a human-readable explanation of the validation error and offers suggestions for correcting it.

This validation might be as simple as ensuring the text of the string is compliant with the syntax defined in BCP-47, or as detailed as actually verifying that the specified string matches a value from a database.

If the languageCode value was validated successfully, this property is not included in the AddressErrors object.


Specification Status Comment
Payment Request API
The definition of 'AddressErrors.languageCode' in that specification.
Candidate Recommendation Initial definition.

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