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    Status, Recent Changes, and Plans


    I'm sorry this section is in the way for first-time readers. You may want to skip directly to the Getting Started Guide, the Reference Manual, or the FAQ. I put this section at the top so that checking for recent changes will be easy.

    Recent changes to nsCOMPtr

    Most recent first

    • Made == and != between an nsCOMPtr and a raw pointer (or a literal 0 or nsnull) work correctly on all compilers. See bug 65664.
    • Made getter_AddRefs( nsCOMPtr& ) apply the same type-safety check that the simple assignment forms do.
    • Added do_CreateInstance.
    • Added do_GetService.
    • Eliminated the need to cast getter_AddRefs when an nsISupports** is needed.
    • Relaxed the invariant for nsCOMPtr<nsISupports>, so that it is now a pointer to any XPCOM interface.
    • Added do_QueryReferent to make using nsIWeakReferences easier.

    Plans for nsCOMPtr

    • bug 59212: as soon as we test on more compilers, start recommending already_AddRefed as a function result.
    • bug 59414: making operator& private may help prevent some leaks caused by casting
    • Move the factored nsCOMPtr routines into their own library, to reduce nsCOMPtr clients' dependency on the XPCOM library.

    Recent changes to this document

    • Removed the statement that == and != between an nsCOMPtr and a raw pointer or literal 0 does not work on some compilers since it is no longer true.
    • Added an entire section to the Getting Started Guide on nsCOMPtrs in function signatures
    • Added references to recent bugs influencing the use of nsCOMPtr machinery: bug 59212, and bug 59414
    • Fixed comparisons 1 and 3, as per comments by Morten Welinder
    • Updated examples to prefer direct initialization over copy initialization.

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